Make Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival 2022 Your Bucket List Experience


The unique and breathtaking visual experience of the 2022 Shillong Cherry Blossom festival will be a four-day event this year, from November 23 to 26.

Now that the cherry festival is back on the cards, why not plan to travel to one of the most culturally diverse cities in India – Shillong? Shillong is notable for not only its bonafide food and cultural diversity but its visually outlandish festivals and panorama. The Shillong Cherry Blossom festival 2022 is an experience you will never regret.

Known to be a carnival of nature, fashion, music, literature, and culture, there is an excellent lineup of international as well as homegrown artists performing in this Shillong Cherry Blossom festival 2022. It is one of the most conventional, unique and extraordinary experiences that happen in Shillong.


The Cherry Blossom season symbolises a time of regeneration and sanguinity for the people of Shillong. The Cherry blossom’s short life span defines a time for the people of Shillong to take time to look ahead to the future. It has been a crucial cultural event for the Meghalayans for many decades, if not centuries.

The gleams of pink signify the inception of winter. From the cherry flowering to the petals falling from the trees, the complete process generally lasts no more than a fortnight, so it would be more reasonable to plan ahead.


A couple of main problems that many tourists and travellers face when attending the Shillong Cherry blossom festival 2022 without a proper plan are:
• Packed areas;
• Lack of access to special private areas and
• Suffocation in public viewing spots.

You can overcome these issues by planning early and creating an itinerary.


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