Majlis Al Jinn Cave: Location, History, Important Information and Facts



Majlis al Jinn, which means “Meeting Place of the Spirits,” is among the ten largest cave chambers in the entire globe. It is famous for its remote and somewhat inaccessible location and is located in Oman to the southeast of Muscat. The three tiny openings at the top are the sole entrances, though, and they were all created over time when the buildup of rainfall dissolved the limestone coating.


Majlis Al Jinn Cave is situated next to the village of Fins in Willyat Qurayyat, in the Muscat Governorate, at the northernmost point of the Salma Plateau. It is located alongside the highway that runs through Fins and Tiwi Village in the A’Sharqiyah South Governorate.


The cave, which is thought to be 50 million years old, is a natural wonder due to its geological formation & the wildlife that lives there. These creatures include snakes, bats, birds, and insects, all of which can be seen through holes in the cave’s roof that beautifully let the sun and moonlight through.

Majlis Al Jinn Cave


Majlis al Jinn is a metaphor for a single, enormous room with three openings in the ceiling. The Selma Plateau is 1,390 meters above sea level in this location. There are even some houses above this gap, which is where the cave room begins, at a depth of about 40 meters. This chamber has a floor surface of 58,000 m2, measures 340 m in length, and is 228 m wide. More than 4 million m3 in volume. A skyscraper with 30 to 35 floors would have a ceiling that is up to 120 meters high. The Majlis al Jinn cave has three entrances, all of which lead to the same sizable chamber.

  • Khoshilat Magandeli (First Drop),
  • Khoshilat Beya Al Hiyool (The Asterisk), and
  • Khoshilat Mingod (Cheryls Drop) are the names of the entrances.


Initially, Majlis Al Jinn Cave was stumbled upon while looking for carbonate rocks in an effort to find deep underground water sources. Don Davidson entered the cave for the first time in 1983 through the 120-meter-deep hole, which is thought to be the shallowest of the three openings. He was followed into the Cave in 1984 by his wife, Cheryl Jones, who entered through the cave’s deepest entry, which plunges 158 meters. In 1985, Don Davidson entered the third opening once more.

They asked the nearby Omanis whether they had a local name for the chamber, but they received no response, so they gave up on trying to come up with a suitable name. However, they did claim that they thought the cave was full of genies, who are common in Islamic and Omani mythology. The American explorers gave the cave the name “Majlis al Jinn” since the Arabic term for “genie” is “al-Jinn.” The word “majlis” refers to a “meeting place,” hence the name of the cave is “the meeting place of the genies.”

Majlis al Jinn


Since its finding, Majlis al-Jinn has drawn a large number of adventurous locals and visitors who want to explore its hidden wonders by completing the strenuous 120-meter rope rappel via one of the three fall drops on the cave’s top. In fact, Majlis al-Jinn has established itself as a popular destination for climbers, base jumpers, and abseilers.

This cave room, which is now reachable by four-wheel drive vehicles, is a popular location for BASE jumpers and abseilers. To get to the site, a 4WD vehicle and good weather are required. Although there are plans to turn the cave into a popular tourist destination, visitors must first obtain a permit from the local government.


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