List of Heritage sites In Odisha Which Can Be Done On Guided Walking Tours


The beauty of Odisha is a source of pride for the people who live here. It’s a place where nature and culture intermingle, and the natural beauty is only one part of what makes this land so captivating. The culture is also rich and vibrant, and the people are warm and welcoming. They believe that it is an integral part of their identity as a people, so they take great care to preserve it.

Hence, to promote the state’s rich culture and history, the Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) has started a guided walking tour of several heritage sites.

Here is the List of Heritage sites In Odisha which can be done on guided walking tours:

1) Shanti Stupa:

On the site of the Kalinga War in 261 BC, you can see the Shanti Stupa, also known as the Peace Pagoda. The Shanti Stupa is situated near Dhauligiri, about 7 kilometers from Bhubaneswar. The Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha constructed the stupa in 1973 to honour Emperor Asoka’s change of heart.


2) Mukteshwar temple:

What remains of the Kalinga Chandravanshi Dynasty from the tenth century is the Mukteshwar Temple. The temple, which honours Lord Shiva, is a superb illustration of a stone building from the tenth century. The exquisite decorations on the temple depict mythological human forms and closely-guarded secrets.

3) Khandagiri caves:

The Khandagiri Caves are significant Jain pilgrimage destinations. Many Jain academics formerly resided in these prehistoric caves. These caves, which King Kharvela built in the second century BC, were given to the Jain Sangha.


4) Udayagiri caves:

Udayagiri contains a total of 18 caves and Jain scholars can study in Udayagiri Caves as well. Because Jainism became his new religion, King Kharvela made these cave shelters for the travelling Jain academics who didn’t stay in one spot for more than a day.

5) Lingaraj temple:

Lingaraja Temple, one of Odisha’s most well-known structures from the 11th century, is another illustration of magnificent temple design. The ancient text Brahma Purana makes mention of the temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva.

With a guide providing accurate information and background on these places, tourists may now learn about the rich architecture, rituals, culture, and traditions that are all a part of these locations. These five guided tours are located on the already established historical circuits.

According to OTDC chairperson Lenin Mohanty, “These five guided excursions through the identified heritage circuits would assist highlight the city’s rich architectural assets, culture, traditions, rituals, and customs.”

The Odisha Walks will be held every weekend from 6.30 to 8.30 am on Friday to Sunday. The OTDC intends to increase the number of these guided walking tours at various state heritage sites, and they will be selectively chosen and organized in stages.

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