Kolkata Is Celebrating Tramjatra, Know Why This Is In News?


There is a celebration taking place in Kolkata to mark the 150th anniversary of the city’s famous tram, which gives people in the city new reason to be hopeful that this unique mode of transport is not going to extinct completely. The Tram of Kolkata, West Bengal is the only public transportation system that exclusively exists in India. Kolkata is the only city in Asia that possesses this special transportation system, if not the entire world.

The moving tram carnival known as Tramjatra was established in 1996 by tram enthusiasts in Melbourne and Kolkata. At the time, there were roughly twenty routes in Kolkata, the only Indian city where the tram is still in use. Nowadays, there are just two routes that are still in service.

The trams are painted in vibrant hues for this carnival which is celebrated by artists, tram lovers, and environmentalists. It is a custom that is only observed in Melbourne and Kolkata. Artists will perform and display their works of art throughout this exciting festival.

These fiestas raise awareness of the importance of trams and promote their use. With a focus on green mobility & Kolkata’s tram legacy, Tramjatra aims to inform people, particularly young people, about climatic changes, air pollution, & sustainable development goals.


As a result of flyovers and Metro Rail infrastructure, according to Transport Minister Snehasis Chakraborty, not all of the lines can support tram service as of now. However, he continued, the government does not intend to get rid of the trams in Kolkata.

They are also talking about running trams on some of the lines without disturbing traffic with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation & Kolkata Police, he added. Also, according to Chakraborty, there are plans to create a heritage trail that circles the Maidan region.

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Tramjatra 2023 Theme:

As this festival is happening after a long gap of 4 years. This year the theme for 2023 Tramjatra is “Heritage Clean Air and Green Mobility”.

Tramjatra 2023 Dates:

24th February to 2nd March


What are Trams?

A tram is a type of rail car that runs on tramway rails along public metropolitan streets, some of which have segregated right-of-way segments. Tramways are one of the best public transport systems which promotes sustainable tourism often known as trams or streetcars.

A tram shares at least some of its track network with other vehicles, such as cars, but a train travels on its own tracks apart from other vehicles. In layman’s language, you can say that a train needs separate settings like platforms and railway stations.

While on the other hand, Trams don’t require such a setting and can run smoothly over the road where cars or other vehicles run. It’s like a train running on the road.

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