IRCTC To Launch Customized Menu For Diabetics and Infants, Know Full Details Here


IRCTC as always took one more move for their passengers to provide them with hassle-free travel by planning a customized menu. The Railway Board has requested that the catering and tourist division, IRCTC, modify its menu to accommodate diabetics, young children, and health enthusiasts.

Now, it may also include regional and local cuisines, as well as foods that are healthy and suitable for babies & health-conscious individuals. With this modification, consumers will have more options and the culinary services on trains will be better. Currently, the Railway Board must provide its approval before the IRCTC may launch menus, which are primarily made up of regular food items and beverages.


The Railways Board stated in the note that the decision was made to grant IRCTC the flexibility to customize the menu in order to include items of regional cuisines or preferences, seasonal delicacies, requirements during festivals, food items as per the preferences of different groups of passengers, such as diabetic food, baby food, health food options, including millet-based local products, among others.

For “prepaid” trains, when the cost of catering is already included in the ticket price for passengers, the Railways Board also indicated that the IRCTC will select the menu. Additionally, these “prepaid” trains will be able to sell a-la-carte meals and branded food items from MRP. The IRCTC would set the menu and price of such a-la-carte meals, it was reported.

The IRCTC will choose the budget segment menu items, such as standard meals, for other Mail/Express trains within the already-notified set pricing. It was mentioned that the “Janta” dinner menu and price would not change.


What is a la carte?

A-la-carte meals are not part of the meal plan and may be more costly than regular meal plans. But they do offer some flexibility, allowing you to order exactly what you want instead of having to pay for a selection box. You can order any item on the menu individually, instead of getting a set meal.

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