Instagram Worthy Cherry Blossom Locations In The World


A cherry blossom is a flower that blooms only in the spring and fall. Many people have referred to it as the “most beautiful flower.” Cherry blossoms are native majorly to Japan, China, Korea, and other Asian countries, but you can find them in the USA, Canada, and Europe as well. They bloom in trees at different times depending on the region they grow.

When the season comes, the whole world and photographer can’t hide their excitement as the beauty of Cherry blossoms is capable of winning thousands of hearts all the once. So, here in this article, I am going to tell you about the places you can find Cherry blossoms blooming at their best.

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Here is the list of Instagram Worthy Cherry Blossom Locations In The World:

1) Japan:

In Japan, the cherry blossom season is considered an important part of the Japanese cultural calendar. Cherry blossoms are the most famous and celebrated of all Japanese flowers. The magenta-colored blooms appear in early spring before the trees bloom, and they symbolize purity, tranquillity, and love. The cherry blossom is one of the most popular sights in Japan and is featured in many works of art and literature.

2) South Korea:

According to historical patterns, depending on the area, flowers in South Korea begin to bloom in late March or early April and end up withering in early May. The Jeju Flowering Cherry, a native species of cherry blossom, may be found on Jeju Island (previously known as King Cherry).

The Jeju Flowering Cherry was previously mistaken for another Yoshino until the late 1980s because it has somewhat larger petals than the common Yoshino cherry species found in Japan. Currently, a large number of tourists visit Jeju Island in the spring to see the rarest Jeju native flower.

Cherry Blossom

3) New York:

What if I say that the most perfect city in the world becomes more perfect with Cherry blossoms in the city? New York is among the best locations to view cherry blossoms, which bloom between mid-April to early May.

Go to the east and west sides of the Reservoir, the southeast corner of the Great Lawn Oval, Bethesda Terrace, and the southeast edge of the Great Lawn to see the resident Central Park beauties which feel like painting and is a must-visit for your Instagram perfect picture.

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4) Vancouver, Canada:

Whether you’re in Vancouver for the “Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival” or just taking a stroll, you’re almost certainly going to witness blossom when you go in April. To be surrounded by it, go to places like Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park VanDusen Botanical Garden, or even the downtown Burrard SkyTrain station.

5) Paris, France:

It so happens that our all-time favorite location for early-morning Eiffel Tower photo sessions in Paris is also a fantastic location for cherry blossoms. The expansive Trocadéro walkways offer spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower, and from mid-March until late April, this area comes to life with mesmerizing views of the cherry blossoms.

Also, the Park de Sceaux, just outside of Paris, was created by King Louis XIV’s chief gardener and is home to the most cherry blossom trees in the area.

6) Washington DC, USA:

The Mayor of Tokyo presented 3,020 cherry trees to Washington, D.C. in 1912. The city now has thousands more, and 1.5 million people come to see the 3 week-long National Cherry Blossom Festival. Look out the flowers at a cocktail party or a kite festival, or just wander all along Tidal Basin or around East Potomac Park.

Cherry Blossom

7) Jerte Valley, Spain:

This Spanish valley becomes white flower heaven for a period of two weeks thanks to sheets of cherry blossoms. There are well over a million trees in this area. This is one of Europe’s best locations to witness Hanami, the Japanese celebration of flower gazing, before traveling to neighboring towns in the valley for unique markets, celebrations, and activities.

8) Pingba County, China:

For its cherry blossom season, Pingba Farm in China draws hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Between March and April, over 500,000 lovely flowers as well as lilac, magnolia, and peach blossoms bloom. And it’s worthwhile to witness this scenic view at least once in a lifetime.


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