India’s First Cinema Hall In A Metro Station: Do You Know Where It Is?


Movie theatres in Malls are common but did you ever hear of a movie theatre in a Metro station? No? Right? But what if we tell you that India has got its first movie theatre in a metro station? Will you believe it? Let us give you a hint about which city has it, It’s the “orange city of India.”

Yes! We are talking about India’s first Movie theatre or Cinema Hall in a metro station for which you can book your tickets from Book My Show or from the Box office located at the metro station itself. Read on to know, where is this very first movie theatre in a metro station, the timings, screens, etc.

At Nagpur’s Jaiprakash Nagar Metro Station, AM Cinema opened India’s first movie theatre in a metro station. Like our usual booking, tickets for the movie theatre at the metro station can be purchased at the Box Office there or online using the Book My Show app.

So, if you have to wait for a friend at a metro station or nearby, go watch a movie rather than scrolling reels or shorts on your phone. Now, the metro station has become a movie hall with all the fun to kill your boredom.

Nagpur Metro


The theatre’s hours are as follows:

The first show begins at 9.00 am, and the final show is at 10:00 pm slot. You don’t need to worry about timings as well. It is from the start of the day till the end of your day. You can jump in anytime according to your movie timings and enjoy the cinema hall vibe in a metro station.

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Screens and seating capacity:

Now, if we talk about the seating capacity, it is limited but sufficient. There are a total of 2 screens at the theatre, with Screen 1 holding 80 seats and Screen 2 holding 82. In this theatre, 3D movies are also available. So, if you ever want to watch an action movie in 3D and wait have to wait near Nagpur’s Jaiprakash Nagar Metro Station, Bingo! You have a win-win situation.

Snacks option with Movie:

A cinema hall is incomplete without munching your favourite pastime food while watching a movie. Hence to not kill your mood, the theatre also has a small café where viewers may enjoy a variety of foods such as popcorn, sandwiches, French fries, cold beverages, and much more.

Nagpur Metro

Overall, it is a big initiative and smart planning to launch a movie theatre in a metro station to provide ease to the passenger and time to relax and chill during their day. This movie hall is easily accessible, full of entertainment, and easy to book, along with a decent munching option.

Let us know in the comment section if you have visited or wish to visit here at India’s first movie theatre in a metro station in our beloved Orange City.

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