India Will Participate In The World Travel Market 2022 Held In London


Indian Ministry Of Tourism will partake in the forthcoming three-day World Travel Market 2022 (WTM) hosted by London this year.

‘Future of Travel Starts Now’ is the theme for this year’s World Travel Market

This world event is believed to be one of the most significant international travel exhibits ever. The Indian Ministry of Tourism will participate in the world travel show in London, England on November 7-9.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused mayhem across the world both from economic and healthcare perspectives. The restrictions/lockdowns which were a consequence of the Covid-19 outbreak affected tourism in India consequently this caused a tremendous loss.

Overall, 10.15 million jobs, were lost (both direct and indirect employment), in the year 2019/2020. Nevertheless, the Indian Ministry of Tourism is gradually gaining stability and is starting to recover from the massive effects of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Tourism said that its involvement in the World Travel Market 2022 is necessary after a lull that almost surpassed 2 years and because India is starting to reopen its doors to tourists and travellers from across the world.


The subsidy made by the Tourism and travel sector to India’s GDP amounted to 5.18% in the year 2019/2020.


Partaking as co-exhibitors in the Indian panels are the central ministries, state government, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as the industry partner, online travel, DMCs, hoteliers, tour operators, travel agents, and facilitators of medical importance travel. Also partaking is a total of 17 stakeholders.


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