India Scraps Requirement to Fill Air Suvidha Form For International Travellers


For international travelers, India ceased using the Air Suvidha Forms on Monday. It is no longer necessary for incoming international passengers to complete the self-declaration forms for Covid vaccination on the Air Suvidha portal. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released amended standards for overseas arrivals on Monday, and it is crucial to note that these relaxations are on effect since 22nd November 2022.

As was previously reported, the Ministry of Civil Aviation also eliminated charges for not masking while flying. However, the flight crew will continue to make in-flight announcements about the different COVID-19 rules, such as masking and keeping physical distance while flying.

Air Suvidha News

What is Air Suvidha form?

International travelers must fill out a required “Self-Declaration” form on the Air Suvidha website to report their current health status. All foreign travelers flying into the country were required to fill out this form before boarding, which was made mandatory.

Air Suvidha News

Points to be noted:

  • All travelers should ideally be completely vaccinated in accordance with their country’s primary vaccination schedule that has been approved against COVID-19.
  • Any traveler exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms while traveling must be isolated in accordance with established practice, which calls for the said passenger to wear a mask, be separated from other passengers during the flight or trip, and then be transferred to an isolation center for further care.
  • De-boarding should be performed while maintaining a physical distance.
  • The health professionals on duty at the point of the entrance should conduct thermal screening on every passenger.
  • All travelers should keep track of their health after arriving and should go to the nearest medical institution or call the national helpline number (1075) or state helpline number if they have any symptoms that might be concerning.

Please note it is advisable to check all the rules officially before your travel as rules are subject to change.

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