How To Be Fearless While Travelling Alone Tips


When you’re travelling alone, being fearless is your most useful weapon. While travelling, fear can be of many types which can never be counted in numbers because each individual has something or the other fear while travelling alone. But it’s not always easy to know how to prepare for your travels alone.

Hence, we have got you the common tips that can help you stay fearless while you travel alone. The below tips are very important to read if you are on a solo adventure.
Below are the 5 tips on How to be fearless while travelling alone?

1) Keep your phone charged:

In the world of technology, first thing first keep your phone always charged when you are travelling solo. It is a must-do tip. When you have your phones dead and you are travelling alone can scare you as you are unaware of the unforeseen circumstances.

Newsday, with just one click, you can save lives and yourself, you can call, make videos, record, and so on. Make sure always to keep your things charged and if it is a long journey, do carry a power bank and make sure you charge your mobile phone well in advance before it runs out of battery.


2) Stop being negative:

Some people travel alone by choice while some have emergencies that they need to be at some place immediately so they have to travel alone. In such cases, where people have not traveled alone earlier or travelling on their own for the first time feel the fear of travelling alone. Traveling solo is not tough! It is advisable to stop being negative about it.

There are so many people in the world who were scared to travel solo, but at some point in their lives, they had to travel solo due to certain situations. You won’t believe that some of them really loved solo traveling and that they are now full-time solo travelers. We know that solo travelling is not always for everyone, But whenever you are doing it in any situation, stay positive and enjoy!

Places for solo travelers to enjoy new year 2023Places for solo travelers to enjoy new year 2023

3) Be alert always:

When you are travelling alone either to explore the world or just for the time being, staying alert is the best way to be fearless because you are aware of your surrounding and you know whether you feel safe or unsafe in that environment. Keep checking the people around you, what they are doing, and how they are behaving, keep an eye on google maps when you are traveling in a private vehicle other than public transport.

Never be casual around your surroundings, to notice all the small and little things is the identity of a wise and alert traveler. Once you are alert and you know you are in a safe environment, the level of your fear will automatically decrease or vanish.

4) Talk to people:

Talking to people not always puts you in danger. Yeah, being over-frank with them might be, but staying connected to your surrounding can help you not to get into a dangerous situation while traveling alone. Talking a little bit cannot be harmful, but can be definitely useful and when you talk to people around you, they will also notice that you are a confident fearless solo traveler. Don’t sit idle and allow people to guess that you are alone or scared.


For example, some locals can save you from a tourist scam by telling you to be alert about that particular place, they can tell you more options or maybe more travel tips for the same place which is on your bucket list. While on the hand, if you don’t try to know the locals, who will help you in little troublesome situations.

5) Research well:

Research well where you are traveling, what will be your accommodation, what location it is, is it safe, how close it is to the main city, what are the options for transport, is there good internet connectivity, how is the rating of that particular accommodation in google where you are planning to stay.

Checking all these above-mentioned things before travelling boosts your confidence and gives you clarity that everything is planned and hence there is a very low chance of anything going wrong. That’s why a little homework can make you a fearless solo traveller.


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