Hong Kong Now Lifts The Covid Restriction, Know Details


Hong Kong declared that beginning on Wednesday, international travellers entering the territory won’t be subject to COVID-19 movement restrictions or be denied access to specific locations.

Chief Executive John Lee announced that beginning on Wednesday, travellers to Hong Kong won’t be receiving an “amber” code that prevents them from entering certain locations. He also discontinued using the Covid-19 mobile app, which was required by the government.

International travellers arriving in Hong Kong were given an amber code, which prohibited them from eating or drinking inside bars and restaurants for the first three days in HK.


As a result, Hong Kong has decided to further reduce the COVID-19 restrictions, following the lead of other nations which have already loosened travel restrictions. This action follows the resumption of travel & business due to the removal of the “amber” code, which restricted people’s access to restaurants and bars.

According to Chief Executive John Lee, foreign visitors and all locals arriving from abroad would be allowed into all locations beginning on Wednesday as long as they test negative for COVID-19.

At some locations that require it, they will still need to present a photo or paper proof of their COVID-19 vaccinations, according to Health Secretary Lo Chung-Mau, but there are no restrictions on how they can move around after they arrive.



Before now, diplomats, business associations, and locals had criticized Hong Kong’s COVID-19 regulations, claiming that the stringent COVID restrictions threatened both the city’s competitiveness and its reputation as a major international financial hub.

According to reports, severe travel regulations have been harmful to Hong Kong’s economy since early 2020, but things are now anticipated to improve.


According to sources, the government’s decision to discontinue its mobility-tracking app, which restricted people’s access to restaurants and establishments including clubs, gyms, and salons, came when mainland China removed the need.

Hong Kong has rigorously followed China’s zero-COVID policy since 2020, but in August it started to loosen rules by reducing the mandatory hotel isolation period to three days. In September, more than two and a half years after the virus first appeared, it was completely abolished.

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