Granada Travel Guide

Granada is amongst the topmost magical cities in Europe, a place where history is alive, and old cobbled streets add to the beauty of the city. The city is a perfect amalgamation in itself to soak in the sunshine, while simultaneously gliding through the snow-covered mountains, sit near the river shore while dipping your feet in the water or sit atop a hilltop witnessing the sunset. Here we present to you all the top things to do in Granada to enjoy your time to the fullest. 

  1. Alhambra Palace
  2. Catedral de Granada
  3. Mercado La Alcaiceria
  4. Albaicin Neighborhood
  5. Iznajar

Alhambra Palace

Granada is best known for its magnificent Alhambra Moorish palace, which draws tourists from all over the world to experience its majestic beauty and enthralling past.

The Alhambra is Granada’s crowning achievement and one of the most magnificent structures ever seen. The founder of the Nasrid dynasty constructed the massive Moorish stronghold in the 1200s. This makes the building, which is already remarkable to look at, mostly Islamic. The palace is made of stunning red stone, and as the day progresses, the sun alters the colour of the structure. The word Alhambra is Arabic in origin and means “red.”

Explore the magnificent courtyards with fountains, orange trees, and exquisite tilework inside the castle. It’s hard to comprehend how long this kind of labour would have taken with all the intricate carvings in the stone and wood that can be seen everywhere. It is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its distinctive history, making it one of the best things to do in Granada, Spain.

Entry Fee: 14 €

Timings: 8:30 am – 8 pm

Catedral de Granada

One of the most stunning structures in the city is the Catedral de Granada, which is located in the middle. After the “Reconquista,” it was constructed on top of a mosque, like many cathedrals in Spain.

You can still witness examples of renaissance architecture today. The lovely marble square in front gives the Catedral de Granada an Italian vibe.

Entry Fee: 5 €

Timings: 10 am – 6:15 pm

Mercado La Alcaiceria

Discover the gem of Mercado La Alcaiceria, just around the corner from the cathedral (a must-do in Granada!). In Granada, narrow passageways are a typical sight, but this one is special. It has a market in the Moroccan style with many sellers offering a variety of goods, including silk scarves and vibrant carpets.

Address: C. Alcaiceria, 1, 3, 18001 Granada, Spain

Timings: 10 am – 9 pm

Ride down to Albaicin Neighborhood

Wandering the alleyways of Granada’s historic Albaicn neighbourhood is the most lovely thing to do. Even the route to get there is amazing; stroll from the centre, along the river’s stone walls, over adorable bridges on cobblestone streets, and then softly up the hill to Alban.

This neighbourhood is dispersed on a slope and has stunning views of the Alhambra. All of the homes are painted white, have charming doors with flower pots, and are situated on a network of winding alleyways with cobblestones. The vibe of this place is altogether different, a real hippy vibe with lots of people sitting, enjoying nature and drinks. 

Best time to visit: Spring/Fall is the perfect time to visit as temperatures are lower and it is sunny and bright. 


Travel for half-day to the lovely settlement of Iznajar. This traditional Spanish community is one of the well-known “White Villages of Andalusia” (Pueblos Blancos) and is perched high above the picturesque valley and lake below.

It is a peaceful community with local residents (mostly the elderly) and is dotted with countless white buildings and flower pots. You absolutely must visit it while driving through Andalusia because it’s one of the most stunning villages in the area.

Check out the charming town squares and the typical Andalusian “Patio de las Comedias,” which is filled with thousands of geranium flowers of all hues in vivid blue pots.

How to get there: It is a 1-1.5 hour drive or bus ride. Visit early morning to avoid bigger tour groups. 

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