Goa Tourism Department: Revised Rules To Know Before You Go


The revised advisory/guidelines/SOPs have been announced by the Goa Tourism Department in order to promote responsible tourism and guarantee the security of visitors. Read on to learn various rules set by Goan Government.

Also, as per reports, anyone found to be breaking the rules established by the government or failing to comply with the rules will be liable to a punishment of INR 5,000, which can go as high as INR 50,000. In addition, they can be prosecuted under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

Here are the rules:

Rule 1: Booking Accommodation

In the latest guidelines, the government has clearly mentioned and requested people to book their stay at only legally authorized places that are registered with the tourism department and avoid booking with unauthorized properties at any cost.

Rule 2: How To Rent A Vehicle

Make sure you only rent vehicles, no matter what a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, which are registered with the transport department and they must have a valid license. When hiring cabs, insist on metered fares to avoid overcharging.

Goa Rules

Additionally, please note that driving motorized vehicles, particularly 2-wheelers, on beaches is entirely prohibited. If anyone found doing such prohibited action will face severe penalties, which may include the arrest of the driver and the seizure of the vehicle. Also, make sure you don’t drink and drive for obvious reasons.

Rule 3: How To Save Yourself From Scammers/ Touts

For activities such as River cruise or water sports which almost all traveller wishes to do once in Goa be very careful that you opt for only the ones who have an authorized registration certificate from the tourism department. Avoid falling for scams that offer cheap prices and trap you.

If booking online for such activities, make sure you cross-check every detail about the authorization of the agency giving services.

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Rule 4: Harming Heritage Site Is A Punishable Offense

The government of Goa expects that while you are here, you refrain from spray-painting graffiti on historic buildings or attempting to destroy them in any other way. Everyone should be accountable for preserving the past for future generations. Anyways, harming heritage sites is not right in any way.

Goa Rules

Rule 5: Alcohol Consumption

Regarding alcohol, it is against the law to consume it in public. Inside licensed establishments like hotels, shacks, restaurants, etc., you are permitted to consume it responsibly. Additionally, take caution not to assist drug sellers or use any drugs, as doing so is prohibited and can lead to jail time & other severe penalties.

Other Rules To Be Noted:

  • Begging is prohibited in all tourist zone; hence every visitor should make sure, not to encourage such activity.
  • Cooking in open areas and littering popular tourist places in not allowed.
  • Every visitor should be extra cautious while clicking pictures or making videos of themselves or others especially while other tourists are swimming and sunbathing in their own zones.
  • Taking selfies at dangerous points is prohibited like steep, sea rocks, cliff as it could lead to major accidents.

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