Ever Seen an Entire Flight Booked for A Wedding? Here it is!


The whole world knows that Indian weddings are crazy and it is one of the great celebrations Indians can have once in their lifetime and that is during their weddings! Yes! Weddings in India are huge, massive, and humongous. In India, we have often noticed that people book whole train bogies, and entire buses to reach their wedding destination with their relatives.

But here in this article, we are going to talk about the most trending news on the internet and the most viral video/ Instagram reel about a couple, who booked the entire flight to reach their wedding destination with their relatives. Read on to know the details.
So, on Instagram, the bride’s sister posted a reel that literally got millions of views. On that reel, it shows that “It’s your sister’s wedding so you book the entire flight” and then the camera turns and shows everyone waving towards the camera in the aircraft, wherein the video ends showing the smiling faces of the bride and groom with a red heart.

Indian wedding

According to sources, they were going to Jaisalmer for the wedding. The Internet went crazy after seeing this, and people started commenting as something like this is rare to see. The Instagram user Shreya shah posted the video and receives various fun comments on her reel with millions of views and thousands of shares and people are sharing this with each other in their messages.

We are truly amazed by the trending reel and really can believe that anything can happen in this world when it comes to Indian weddings. People are coming up with amazing ideas for reels and social media is gaining a lot of attention from the people traveling here and there. Social media nowadays has become a major source to tell people about new places and food joints.

Indian wedding

If we see the positive side of it, social media is a platform that is surely helping tourism to boost after covid and encouraging people to travel and explore the world by showing various amazing locations. Travel influencers are showing various ways which show that travel is not costly by showing their followers various ways to save money on flight tickets, hotel coupons, etc, by which any common man can travel and save with hundreds of tips and tricks available on YouTube, Instagram, etc.

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