Ellora-Ajanta International Festival Aurangabad 2023 After 7 years


Aurangabad is all set for its Ellora-Ajanta International Festival, but do you know, this festival is happening after 7 years of long gap? Yes! This time it will be more special with enjoyment and great enthusiasm for this 3-day event.

In this article, we will let know all the details related to Ellora-Ajanta International Festival 2023 like dates, venue, history, and artists performing in this cultural extravaganza.
The Aurangabad festival Committee oversees the Ellora festival, also referred to as the Ellora Ajanta festival. This spectacular celebration is hosted in the area around the historic Ellora caves. Visitors to the festival in great numbers are mesmerized by the magnificent rhythmic harmony of the event.

It serves as a stage for the world’s best classical musicians and dancers. This festival places a strong emphasis on appreciating Indian classical art as well as showcasing historical landmarks close to the city of Aurangabad.

Ellora-Ajanta Festival

A pre-festival event named “Purvarang” will also be held on 12th February, Sunday at Sant Eknath Rang Mandir in Osmanpura, Aurangabad, before the major cultural event. The pre-festival event’s major appeal would be well-known musicians playing Marathi music. Also, along with the Marathi musical spectacular, world-renowned musicians will also play Hindi & Sufi music.

Ellora-Ajanta International Festival History:

The most recent Ellora-Ajanta International Festival took place in 2016, 7 years ago and the district authorities have made the decision to revive the Ellora-Ajanta International Festival in all its glory after 7 years in 2023.

Previously, this festival was held at the Ellora Caves, but it is currently being held at the Soneri Mahal. Pahad Singh constructed this lovely Mahal in the 17th century. It is regarded as Aurangabad’s contemporary architectural model. This festival not only serves as a representation of our nation’s cultural heritage but also gives us a glimpse of ancient temples and caverns that are crucial to our history.

The location was changed to Soneri Mahal, a majestic palace, in the year 2002. D ynasties like the Mughals, Khiljis, and Yadavas who ruled over the Aurangabad area have influenced the Ellora Ajanta Festival. They were successful in adding their own touch to this event, and the result is what you see today a combination of many cultures and artistic mediums that provides a singular experience.

Ellora-Ajanta Festival

Artists Performing at Ellora-Ajanta International Festival:

  • Ustad Rashid Khan
  • Ustad Shujaat Khan
  • Mahesh Kale
  • Ravi Chari
  • Shivmani
  • Vijay Ghate
  • Sangeeta Mazumdar
  • Shankar Mahadevan, etc

Ellora-Ajanta International Festival Dates:

25th February, Saturday to 27th February, Monday 2023

Ellora-Ajanta International Festival Venue:

Soneri Mahal, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad

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