Dreamy Ice Hotel Now Opens In Canada – Why does it look familiar?


Although the first ice hotel was opened in 1989 in Sweden, you don’t have to fly across the ocean for this dreamy experience. You only have to make your way to Quebec. Here you can stay in an ice hotel where your room and almost everything is made of ice!

The Hôtel de Glace, outside Quebec, is the only ice hotel in North America. Since it melts each December, it’s created anew. Every year. The hotel opened for the 2023 season on January 4; it closes in March.

 Ice Hotel

The Hôtel de Glace will Look Familiar

Some of the big studios love to use the Hôtel de Glace as a location for their wintry tales. In 2021, Hallmark’s “Baby, It’s Cold Inside” was filmed at the hotel. Hallmark’s “Winter Castle”, part of its 2019 Winterfest, was also filmed at the hotel. The set is so convincing that many think the story takes place somewhere in Sweden or Norway.

In 2014, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ research for its Frozen movie took their team to the Hôtel de Glace. The hotel’s Frozen Suite has inspired Anna and Elsa’s bedrooms.

This Year’s Theme – An After-Dark Experience

Sounds so cheesy right!? None the less interesting. Every year, designers and builders of this ‘cool’ place work hard to come up with a different theme for the hotel. The current theme is supposed to be inspired by nightlife.

Their vision comes to life in the hotel’s Grand Hall, the chapel, the family area, and 30 rooms and themed suites. You can expect to see icy nightlife ephemera reflecting Halloween, Greek mythology, astronomy, dreams, dance, the First Nations, and more.

What to expect?

Upon arrival, you will be served a welcome drink (in an ice glass, of course). The evening calls for cocktails in a bar that’s -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool, I know. The ice theme continues, you can ice skate on a path lit at night or experience the chills and thrills of snow rafting at The Himalaya or The Tornado.

 Ice Hotel

Not into cool stuff ? All guests can access the outdoor “Nordic relaxation area,” which offers a sauna and hot tubs.


Stay warm at neighboring Hotel Valcartier’s indoor waterpark. This unique feature in Village Vacances Valcartier sends you to Polynesian beaches and will pamper you with many warm activities.

What if you can’t stand the cold?

Don’t fret. You can always visit an on-site, modern, heated lodge with lockers, changing rooms, restrooms, and a breakfast restaurant. This building is open 24/7, hence you can defrost your fingers and toes whenever you have to.


Rates start at $400. Tickets to visit the Ice Hotel are based on your height, but basically the pre-tax price is 24 CAD (18 USD) for adults and 19 CAD (14 USD) for kids and seniors. Check out their website to know more.

How to reach?

To get to the Hôtel de Glace, you will either have to drive 40 minutes from Old Québec or take a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus should cost you around 20 USD after taxes for adults.


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