Discover the World with Airalo: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Are you also planning your next trip abroad soon, but are worried about the data connectivity issues and high broadband charges? Well, eSIMS can be a sustainable and affordable option for you. Airalo contends to be one of the top providers of eSIM. Let us below find how is Airalo worth it. 

When travelling abroad, a lot of people encounter troubles with high roaming costs, a bad connection, and Wi-Fi. If money is tight, you’d probably purchase a local prepaid SIM card in the destination nation.

Other international SIMs are also out of reach, and data roaming plans are frequently too expensive. But what if there was just one answer to every one of these issues? 

High roaming expenses are now a thing of the past thanks to eSIMs. Getting an eSIM is far more practical while visiting a foreign nation than purchasing a local prepaid SIM or paying roaming fees. To help tourists find data plan options, Airalo sells eSIMs.

The review below states the pros and cons of both Airalo and eSIMs to help readers decide whether or not Airalo is the right choice for travellers. 

How do eSIMs work? 

eSIM, sometimes known as an “embedded sim,” is an acronym for embedded Subscriber Identity Module. You can keep all of your SIM cards in one location thanks to them. Without a real SIM card, you can still access your contacts with an eSIM regardless of the home network you use. 

Now that mobile phone coverage is available almost everywhere in the world, communicating with anyone is simple no matter where you are. You can acquire an eSIM from Airalo, providing you with the ability to access data plans in more than 190 countries across the world.

Physical SIMs typically have comparable features as eSIMs, but eSIMs also have the following features: 

  • For local data, use a person’s mobile network. 
  • Use of a cell phone for communication 
  • Screen, look up, and download information 
  • Maintaining your number while allowing you to change your phone line 
  • No additional roaming fees 
  • Use a QR code to activate your eSIM plan. 
  • Change your data plan to a regional, continental, or global one without difficulty.

What is Airalo?

The first eSIM store in the world, Airalo offers data packages for tourists who frequently travel to different nations. Over 190 nations and regions now offer eSIM cards through Airalo. 

You may rest easy knowing that, with Airalo, you’ll always be in touch with your loved ones.

How Does Airalo Work? 

Before you travel, while connected to Wi-Fi in the airport, or whenever it’s most convenient, you can set up your eSIM profile. 

However, if you set it up beforehand, you can connect as soon as you land. Most eSIMs don’t activate until you reach your destination. 

By navigating through the website or using the search box, you can find over 190+ countries and locations where Airalo’s service is offered. You will be presented with the nations, regional, and international packages that best meet your demands.

You must first confirm that your phone supports eSIMs before installing Airalo

1. eSIM activation is not available on older phone models. 

2. Next, activate your eSIM either manually or by simply scanning a QR code. 

3. You can rename your smartphone after activation. 

The top locations Airalo provides eSim services from are listed below in the non-exhaustive list. In some nations, eSims may only support data and not call or SMS capabilities. Prices are all in US dollars.

Best Airalo Features 

One of the first things you’ll do when travelling abroad is buying and connect a travel sim when you get to the airport. This process is easier with Airalo. 

As soon as you land, connect to the local network. 

The burden of purchasing a SIM card in the destination country is eliminated with Airalo. Once your plane lands, you can quickly connect to your local network; you don’t even need to utilise the airport’s free Wi-Fi. There is no longer any difficulty with setting up a new SIM. 

Access a variety of eSIMs 

Having the option to store numerous eSIMs in your account is another advantage of using Airalo. Through the Airalo App, you can modify them.

Language assistance 

While abroad, it can be challenging to request help because the native tongue of the country may be different from your own. You can get in touch with a customer care service at Airalo that speaks your native tongue. 

Roaming mobile data savings up to 10 times 

Avoid paying expensive roaming fees. Airalo provides affordable mobile data rates! 

There are several options, with the least expensive starting at $5! 


Customers of Airalo receive “Airmoney,” their currency. Customers can accumulate credits that can be applied to discounts on the purchases of their goods each time they buy a new eSIM.

eSIMs are difficult to lose. 

eSIMs are installed as apps on your device. It will remain on your phone after being downloaded until you activate it. 

eSIMS are far more dependable and secure than conventional sims. 

Limitations of Airalo 

Is there anything bad about utilising Airalo? Well, every coin has two sides.

Unknown local number 

The pre-paid travel eSIM from Airalo is identical to other eSIMs that don’t often include a local number. 

These SIMs are data-only. It does not, however, preclude you from making phone calls. You may still make calls and talk to your friends and family using messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Incompatible devices

This is more of a device compatibility issue than an Airalo problem.

Many devices, including earlier iPhone models, do not yet support eSIM capabilities.

That being said, eSIMs are becoming more and more common in smartphones.

It is obvious that eSIMs will remain the preferred choice for mobile subscribers all over the world in near future. 


1). Can one make calls with Airalo?

Yes, one can make calls using Airalo via Whatsapp, Messenger, Snapchat and other platforms that enable online calling. Though, you won’t be able to call directly as after all eSIM is eSIM and can’t be a substitute for regular sims still it’s a great functionality to be able to call online.

When choosing a plan on Airalo, be careful to look at the Plan Type to be sure if the plan is for data or calls or if it includes both and you are good to go.

2). Does My Phone Need To Be Unlocked To Use Airalo?

Yes, your phone must support eSIMs first of all and should be unlocked to use Airalo.

3). Does eSIM drain the battery?

Although it will use your battery when setting up as a WiFi system does, it will not take more battery than a regular sim as changes regarding battery duration have not been noticed.

4). Is Airalo safe?

Airalo is very safe. The website is legit. Any major or minor issue and the company is quick to respond be it any hour of the day. Airalo is authorized and not a scam.

5). ​​What To Do If Airalo Is Not Working?

If you are having issues with their service when entering a new place, you can contact their customer care and their customer care will reach out to you very quickly and efficiently.

Final thoughts

The best option for those who frequently go abroad is Airalo.

It will enable you to move anywhere with ease while saving you time and money. Regular travellers can save a tonne of time by avoiding the airport SIM card line by having numerous eSIMs ready and the ability to connect to data instantaneously.

Nevertheless, using Airalo has drawbacks. Limited coverage is one of the restrictions, which implies that in some nations they only permit data-only. Additionally, you won’t have a local phone number, which may make it challenging for people to call you.

Before buying, be sure to see if your phone supports eSIMs.

If these limitations aren’t a problem, we highly recommend you give Airalo a shot!

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