Discover the Untouched Beauty of Lacepede Islands in Western Australia


The Lacepede is a batch of four sand islands off to the Kimberly coast of Western Australia. The island may confuse you into believing they are flying on the sea. These islands are a group of four sand cay islands in the Indian Ocean off the NW coast of Western Australia, 120 km north of Broome and 30 km from the mainland. A perfect travel destination for a getaway in Australia.

The Lacepede Islands are famous among bird watchers and naturalists. Home to many varieties of birds and marine life, Lacepedes island is a nature lover’s heaven. What makes it remote is its location. You can move about only in a cruise ship or a boat. Being a favorite place for bird watching and naturalists, Lacepede islands should top your travel bucket list. Australia is an important destination for wildlife lovers.

Lacepede Island

Explore the Wildlife of Lacepedes Islands

The island got its name from the French explorer Baudin as he sailed around Australia in 1801. The island group was originally named “Napoleon, Grant and Victoria islands”. Lacepede was the first to sight the natural many varieties of species and birds in the region. The islands were later mined for guano.

The island is a breeding center for many colorful birds. The most common plants found here is ‘roly poly’, a tumbleweed like shrub. There are no trees on the island. Only these small bushes cover the island.

The Lacepede Islands are home to ‘Ta-Ta Lizards’ weaving their arms to the visitors on the beach. Also the area are incredibly dense with breeding and laying turtles, including Green Turtle and Flatback Turtle.

You can also find larger fish visible in the waters, such as Shovel-nose Ray. Humpback whales are also sighted in the area during their northern migration in winter and early spring. With an estimated 40,000 whales migrating the coastline each year, the western Australia has recovered its declining number of humpbacks.

The area is best spot for watching behavior. There some breeding activities or natural animal phenomenon taking place all year round in the lacepede islands. It is a perfect place to watch hese rare and majestic birds and aquatic creatures to study and marvel their behavior. Both scientifically and for lovers of nature!

Must – do – Things in Lacepede Islands

The best way to explore the Lacepede Islands, and spot its prolific bird and marine life, is from the water. Many crise trips are offerd by the travel companies of Kimberly, which is actually famous for its cruise trips.

Go Cruising in the iconic Kimberly Coast

The Kimberly coast is an unspoiled beauty. The coat is very popular among tourists for cruise excursions. Offering many types of cruise trips among the coast are many travel organization. The most famous ones are the Eclipse cruise ships.

The ships take you on the sea to witness the breathtaking eclipses occurring for the planet. Get ready to take a cruise ship for Kimberly for the next Eclipse in April 2023! Add it to your bucket list right now.

Watch the birds in Lacepede Islands!

I was in bird watching club in my school days. Something about birds is spiritual to be. Well, not spiritual but they are symbol of freedom. They display their survival by being strong, beautiful and gentle. The Lacepede islands are a main breeding area of birds in the world.

In 1970, the islands became a major A-class Nature Reserve due to their significance as a breeding site for bird and marine life. The islands is home for over 1% of the world populations of Brown Boobies and Roseate Terns. The breeding colony of Brown Boobies is said to be the largest in the world.

What birds will you see in Lacepede Islands?

The island will impress you with the most fantastic birds and marine life. Masked Boobies, Australian Pelicans, Bridled, Crested and Lesser Crested Terns, Eastern Reef Egrets, Silver Gulls, Common Noddies, Lesser Frigatebirds, and Pied and Sooty Oystercatchers.

Visiting wading birds such as Grey-tailed Tattlers, Whimbrels, Bar-Tailed Godwits, Ruddy Turnstones and Great Knots are all found here. In case, if you are a keen birder, or a “twitcher”, or just a nature lover, then the Lacepede Islands in the incredible Kimberley should be on your travel list.

Visit King George Sound

One of the important places in the Australian history is King George Sound. It is an inlet of the Indian Ocean. The king George sound is a harbor in Australia probably more beautiful than Sydney. with a surface area of 35 square miles (91 square km) the sound has an entrance 5 miles (8 km) wide spread wings by Bald Head on the southwest and Cape Vancouver on the northeast.

The king George sound is a perfect vacation spot for marine lovers. I’ll tell you why. Breaksea and Michaelmas islands lie within the sound, which has two extensions – Oyster Harbour in the north and Princess Royal Harbour in the west, the inland also offers a splendid view of the port for the city of Albany.

Swim like it’s nobody’s business

The most important thing to do here in Lancepede islands is to take a dip in its extravagant waters. Swim in the vast marines with the most beautiful birds looming around and surrounded by a beautiful coast and greenish islands.

How to Reach the Lacepede Islands?

The Cruise ships to Lacepede Islands dock their anchor at Broome in Western Australia, on the northern side of Indian Ocean’s Roebuck Bay.

The Lacepede islands lying off the north-west coast of Western Australia are about 120 km (75 mi) north of Broome. They are about 30 km (20 mi) from the Dampier Peninsula, from which they are separated by the Lacepede Channel.


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