‘Bomb Cyclone’ in the US – 5,500 Flights cancelled, Trains suspended, highways shut, Bitter Cold mess in the U


The United States of America has been hit by a ‘Once in a generation’ cyclone. Heavy snow and cold wind gushing the busiest streets this holiday season. The arctic wind has decided to greet the country and delay all the travel plans.

Plane tracking website Flightaware.com showed more than 22,000 flights had been delayed and 5,500 flights had been cancelled.


Three days before Christmas, the holiday tourist volumes are expected to fall to pandemic levels

The National weather service has warned snow qualls. The forcasters warmned that the temperature might go -40 Fahrenheit or even to -60 Fahrenheit which only a little warmer than Mars.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul received 8 inches of snow for 24 hrs now. Major highway, the I-90 has been shut down. Multiple highways and place have been closed and the clearing work is ongoing. A ‘No Travel’ is advised all over the country.

Tourists have been stranded at Rapid City in Pennington state. “This event could be life-threatening if you are stranded,” according to an online post by the National Weather Service in Minnesota. Transportation and patrol officials reported dozens of crashes and vehicles off the road. Michigan State Police prepared to deploy additional troopers to help motorists in Interstate 90, northern Indiana.

bomb cyclone

Crews did as much as they could to clear a foot of snow as the meteorologists warned of blizzard conditions on Thursday evening itself. More than 1,846 flights within, into or out of the U.S. had been canceled as of midday Thursday, according to the tracking site FlightAware.com

Power outrages, extreme freezing cold wind, blizzard & frostbites have been warned for. As the temperature 10 – 20 degree F below 0. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC) has issued a statement saying, ‘”Consumers need to be especially careful when storms knock out electrical power.

Portable generators create a risk of CO [carbon monoxide] poisoning that can kill in minutes.” The carbon monoxide is usually called as the ‘invisible killer’. The CPSC also recommends not to operate a portable generator inside a home, garage, basement, crawlspace or shed.

“Opening doors or windows will not provide enough ventilation to prevent the buildup of lethal levels of CO,” the commission stated.

The storm is expected to rapidly strengthen into what is known as a “bomb cyclone” through a process called as “bombogenesis,”. This happens when the barometric pressure drops and a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass.

An extreme weather like this is dangerous given to the road conditions. to sum it all up holiday travel is suspended by the ‘Bomb Cyclone’ in the US.


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