Best Places to Visit in Miami

Miami offers fantastic beaches, incredible shopping, a taste of Cuban culture, and more outdoor activities than you can fit into one vacation. Miami has some of the top outdoor destinations in the world because it makes the most of its wonderful weather by getting outside whenever possible.

Miami does, however, have its dangerous neighbourhoods and crime, just like any other city. If you’re travelling with your family, this can make you hesitant to visit this city. But if you exercise caution and avoid specific locations, you’ll have a wonderful time while you’re here. Additionally, you’ll likely return from your vacation in better shape than when you left, which is remarkable for a vacation! We’ve put together this guide to all the top things to see and do while you’re in Miami to help you have a safe and enjoyable stay when you travel there.

How to get there

The majority of travellers come to Miami by air, although it’s feasible to arrive by car, bus or even train. Miami is a major international airline hub, with flights to many cities across the USA, Latin America and Europe. Around 60 airlines fly here; bank on flight times of 3.5 hours from New York City, 5 hours from Los Angeles, and 10 hours from London or Madrid.

Located 6 miles (9.7km) west of Downtown, the busy Miami International has three terminals and serves more than 45 million passengers each year. Getting into town is a breeze.


Miami Beach – Cool place to see in Miami with friends!

Why it’s so awesome: Visiting the beach in Miami is a must, and this is a terrific spot to start. If you ever tire of the ocean and the heat, this beach’s plethora of nearby eateries and stores will keep you entertained.

What to do: Miami Beach is a bustling city with loads to do, so you should follow suit and have an active vacation. Take a swim, bask in the sun and wonderful weather, or explore the neighbourhood. When dusk falls, reserve a seat at a neighbouring restaurant and take advantage of the pleasant nights while dining deliciously.

 Ball and Chain – A great place to visit in Miami at night

Why it’s so awesome: It has undergone renovations but has kept its historic charm, making it one of the most well-liked destinations in Miami for those seeking a fun night out. Electrolytes should be on your Florida packing list since it’s possible to have a little too much fun here. Hangovers in the blazing sun are no fun, after all.

What to do: While you’re in the city, be sure to check out the musical artists that are performing since you don’t want to miss any of your old favourites. Other than that, this pub offers a range of activities. On weekday events, you may enjoy live jazz music; on Tuesdays, you can participate in free salsa dance instruction; and the rest of the day, you can just relax and take in the wonderful beverages and fun ambiance. 

Make sure you show up on Wednesday nights if there are any female members of your group since ladies get to drink for free and the karaoke machine is on full blast.

 The Art Deco Historic District

Why it’s so awesome: This area of town is enjoyable even if you don’t typically like architecture. Unique, pastel-coloured, and cheery-looking Art Deco buildings match the city’s overall tone. The colours and forms give this area of the city, which was rebuilt following a hurricane in 1926, a distinctive flavour and feel.

What to do : One of the nicest things to do in the city is to simply roam about and take it all in. Explore the many restaurants and stores housed in the art deco structures while looking for mementos or grabbing a coffee and a snack. If you have the money, you may also stay in one of these old houses.

 South Beach – One of the most incredible free places to go to in Miami

Why it’s so awesome: South Beach is a gorgeous stretch of unpolluted beach that’s big enough to hold all the summertime crowds of sunbathers and swimmers. This is the place to go if you want to see and be seen in Miami. For visitors and residents who aren’t good swimmers, the shallow, warm waters are ideal.

What to do: You should find a different beach if you want to participate in watersports because the shallow seas there aren’t the best for them. As the beach is too busy for much else, it’s also the ideal location for people watching, so choose a spot in the sand and take in the sight!

The Versailles Restaurant – A must-see for foodies!

Why it’s so awesome: This is the self-proclaimed ‘most famous Cuban restaurant’ in the world. That’s actually debatable, but there’s no denying that this restaurant serves amazing Cuban food. Cuban food and culture is a huge part of Miami, which makes this a Miami must do while you’re visiting this part of the world.

What to do there: The restaurant serves a variety of tasty drinks, meals and snacks. Try the Cuban coffee, pastelitos, toasted Cuban sandwiches or the arroz con pollo for a really authentic Cuban food. There’s also an adjacent bakery where you can get some delicious pies and flans.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Why it’s so awesome: South Beach is a stunning, unspoiled length of beach that can accommodate all the summertime hordes of swimmers and sunbathers. If you want to see and be seen in Miami, you should head here. The shallow, pleasant waters are perfect for visitors and locals who struggle to swim.

What to do: If you wish to engage in watersports, visit another beach because the shallow waves there aren’t ideal for them. The beach is a great place for people watching because it’s too crowded for much else; find a space in the sand and take it all in!

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