Assam Lifts Travel Restrictions for Meghalaya, Know Complete Details


Following the deaths of six persons at Mukroh on the interstate boundary, the law-and-order situation in Meghalaya has improved, and the Assam police have removed the restrictions on vehicular mobility, enabling all cars to enter Meghalaya. On Sunday, DCP Sudhakar Singh of the Guwahati City Police reported that the police had taken down the border barricades in the Jorabat region of Assam and permitted all cars to enter Meghalaya.

Early on Tuesday, after a truck allegedly carrying illegally felled timber was stopped by forest guards from Assam, violence erupted at Mukroh village nearby the disputed border of the two states. Six people were killed as a result of the clashes, including five tribal locals from Meghalaya & a forest guard from Assam.

Meghalaya travel news

Six persons were killed during severe skirmishes in the disputed territory along the Assam-Meghalaya border; prohibitory orders remained in effect there. However, travel restrictions between the two states were lifted on the sixth day following the violence, according to officials.

As police roadblocks remained in place at Jorabat in Guwahati and Cachar districts, the police stated that if individuals had to travel, they should do so in vehicles with Meghalaya registered number plates.

About Meghalaya:

Meghalaya is a state in India boasting its lush forests, rich biodiversity, and culture. It is located in the northeast of India. The state is called the abode of clouds and is a very popular destination amongst tourists who want to explore India being closest to nature. It is also home to a number of fascinating wildlife species. It is well known for its lush forests, rich biodiversity, and culture. It is also home to a number of fascinating wildlife species.

Meghalaya travel news

Some of the major tourist attractions here are Nohakalikai Falls, Mawlynnong Village, Umiam Lake, Living Root Bridges, Dawki River, Laitlum Canyon, Cherrapunji, Elephant Falls, Mawsynram, Mawphlang Sacred Forest, Seven Sisters Falls, & many other amazing beautiful locations.


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