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It seems like everyone is traveling these days. It’s no surprise, given the fact that traveling has become easier and cheaper than ever. But some people still don’t want to travel and we have got you some proven reasons, why people usually avoid travelling.

People avoid travelling because of various reasons. Some people are afraid to travel, while others think that they will not be able to handle it. In a world where almost everyone we know on our social media is posting mountain or beach pictures, some are avoiding and avoiding vacations that could change their life.

Here are some of the most common reasons why people avoid travelling:

Travelling is expensive:

Some think that traveling is expensive and not worth their time and money, so they stay at home instead of going out of the house. Oh, come on! What are you thinking even saying this? Travel is not expensive anymore. You are just lazy, not travel is expensive.

Yes! That’s one brutal truth. In a world where all the information related to budget traveling is available at just one click with thousands of travel bloggers showing you tips on how to save money on and for the trip, you can’t say that travelling is expensive.

Travelling is risky:

This is again one of the biggest myths that stop many people from exploring. On one hand, “Everything in life is risky and on the other hand, nothing is risky”. Its upto you what you need to follow.

You can stay alert throughout your trip, keep the emergency contacts on your speed dial, carry safety gadgets like pepper spray, know basic self-defense, read about safety laws wherever you are travelling and you are good to go. If you are thinking travel is risky and avoid the trips, then you are really missing out on something big.

Avoid travel

They love their comfort zone:

People who avoid travelling tend to have a strong attachment to their comfort zone. A person does not like to travel because it is new and unknown. They can be overwhelmed by the situation and the people around them. The first reason is that people are afraid of the unknown.

They like their comfort zone, and they don’t like the idea of being away from it. They have a hard time accepting new things and situations, so it’s easier for them to just stay at home than to try something new and different. Are you one of them?

How To Be Fearless While Travelling Alone TipsHow To Be Fearless While Travelling Alone Tips

Lack of guidance:

Any person does not like traveling because they do not have any guidance or knowledge about what to do when they are there. The second reason is that people just don’t know what to do or where to go, so they avoid travelling altogether!

Selecting the right place in the right weather could be a game-changer of any trip. Imagine you are travelling a place in hard summer while that place is famous as the winter destination. But in a world like today where you can easily find the best time to visit that place, this can be considered as a big excuse.

Lack of time management:

People work, work and work, and take leaves and rest at home. They really feel tired that they did not even want to cook and order from food apps, which is quite justifiable and I totally understand. But you need solid time management in which you can rest, work and travel as well to experience the most important in life.

It helps you make a bond with your loved ones and your family. They will never get such an experience sitting at home no matter how hard they try. Be smart and chose planned travel if you are facing the problem of time.

Avoid travel

They don’t find the right company:

Fear of being alone. Many people feel scared when they are alone and they do not want to go out of their comfort zone. They prefer staying at home and watching TV or playing games on their computer. Either you go alone or go with friends or family. You need to have the best ones. Because what happens when you go with the wrong group of people, you start making excuses to travel in the future.

I am sure, you must have remembering that one trip where you went with the wrong set of people and it somehow ruined your experience of a beautiful place. Yes! I have faced it too and am pretty sure most of you must have faced this issue of having the wrong company.


Avoiding traveling due to the above reasons is everything you need to regret the vacation you didn’t take. At least once in our life, we all are thankful for that one trip that we were going to cancel, but somehow, we went on that trip and after returning, we are thankful that Yes! We went and it changed your life. Just remember those good memories when you knew that exploring the world teaches you a lot and try to make every trip possible.


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