Alwar Festival 2023: Enjoy & Celebrate Your Valentine 2023 Here


Alwar is all set to host the biggest festival of the year to show its historic and cultural beauty in the “Alwar Festival 2023”. Mark your presence at Alwar at this time as this festival is your best chance to learn about its rich history, culture, and architecture. Folk handicrafts, folk music, & folk dance will all be on display during the three-day cultural festival.

Yes! Alwar Festival is celebrated for three days with great fun and excitement and a procession through some of Alwar’s most popular tourist destinations marks the beginning of the festival. This draws attention to the city’s rich cultural legacy.

This festival is put on by the district government to promote tourism & highlight Alwar’s rich cultural history. The Alwar festival is held either in February according to the English calendar or in the Hindu month of Magh.

Alwar is located at the foot of the Aravalli ranges in the National Capital Region (NCR). A trip to the Shilp Gram or the craft village is essential when attending the festival. Traditional Rajasthani cultural pursuits include camel and horse rides, folk dance and music performances, and fireworks displays.

Alwar Festival

A colorful parade with adorned camels, elephants, and horses is another feature of the festival, which also features local artists selling their wares. The festival is a wonderful chance to get a taste of Rajasthan’s vivid art and craft traditions as well as to learn more about the state’s rich culture and history.

For instance, you can simply visit the Sariska National Park if you attended the Alwar Festival and are searching for something else. Then there is the renowned Bhangarh Fort, which is known as India’s most haunted location. Alwar’s Silserh Lake is yet another popular tourist destination.

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Alwar Festival 2023 Dates:

13th February, Monday to 15th February, Wednesday 2023

Alwar Festival 2023 Venue:

Shilp Gram or the craft village, Alwar, Rajasthan. The Alwar Collector, who is also the festival committee’s chairman, organizes Shilp Gram (the handicraft village) to display handmade goods and place more emphasis on developing manual skills. Primarily, efforts are being made to boost Alwar’s tourism industry as well as its inhabitants’ rural livelihoods.

Alwar Festival

How to Reach Alwar Festival 2023:

By Air: The closest airport is Sanganer Airport in Jaipur, which is 162 km from Alwar, and travel via Jaipur is the most convenient as Jaipur is easily accessible from all over India.

By Train: Alwar has its own railway station which is well connected named “Alwar railway station”.

By Road: Regular bus service is available from Jaipur as well as other Rajasthani cities to Alwar. Delhi is also well connected by road to Alwar.

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