All Year Round Available Popular Street Food In Mumbai


Mumbai is the land of various varieties of street foods. And the interesting thing is they are not seasonal, you can try those delicacies anytime, almost everywhere in Mumbai, even if you have just INR 20 in your pocket.

Nobody can sleep hungry in Mumbai as this city has one of the most delicious street food in India which you can eat any time of the day, no matter whether you are a businessman or an employee.

Here is the list of All year round available popular street food in Mumbai:

6) Bhelpuri:

Bhelpuri is a traditional Maharashtrian snack made with puffed rice, salt, pepper, curd, chutney, onion, mashed potatoes, and all the spices. It is a crispy blast with lots of flavors in it. You can eat it sweet by adding sweet chutney, you can eat it spicy or you can have a combination of sweet and spicy. This street food is always available where you find a pani puri stall. It is a match made in heaven for pani puri and bhelpuri.


5) Pav Bhaji:

Pav Bhaji is an amazing street food dish that originated in Mumbai but has become popular all over India as well as in other countries around the world. The base of this dish is pav (bread) which is traditionally cooked on a flat rooftop grill with spicy gravy made up of vegetable mixture and spices and then served by street vendors who often set up shop along busy roadsides or even near train stations where people are looking for quick and affordable meals.

4) Franky:

Roti rolls popularly called Franky in Mumbai are flatbreads made from wheat flour and cooked on griddles or cast-iron pans. They can be filled with anything from potatoes to eggs, paneer to noodles. This type of bread is traditionally eaten as a breakfast item but it also makes for a delicious snack during the daytime to kill your hunger.

3) Kanda bhajji:

Kanda Bhajji is a popular street food item in Mumbai. It is made of potatoes, onions, and chili powder. Kanda bhajji tastes great with tomato chutney, plain coconut chutney, or yogurt dip. The best part about kaanda bhajji is that it becomes crispy when you fry it! Do try this out when you visit Mumbai next time and learn how they make it so that you can try to make it at home.


2) Tapri chai:

Tapri chai technically means street chai. A local favorite, it’s made with milk, tea, cardamom, cloves, and black pepper to give it a strong flavor that you’ll love. It is easily available on every street corner. The best thing about this drink is that it tastes different from regular milk tea, as it has a hint of cardamom in it.

The hot chai comes in small cups which are usually filled to the brim with milk and spices. A little extra sugar can be added to make it sweeter. This tea is made in almost every Indian house, but to have it on street makes it tastier.

1) Vada pav:

When Vada pav is there on the list, how can I not put it on the list? Vada pav is a classic Mumbai street food that can be found almost everywhere. It is deep-fried besan-coated potato balls served in between pav, which are round/square fluffy bread. The vada pav is usually served with green chutney or tomato chutney. It tastes delicious when eaten hot or cold. Vada pav is not a food but it’s an emotion in Mumbai. It is the most delicious food to grab when you have no time to eat in a city like Mumbai.


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