All About Varanasi’s Hot Air Balloon & Boat Racing Festival You Must Attend


Uttar Pradesh is starting the year by hosting the exciting Hot Air Balloon and Boat Racing Festival in Varanasi starting from 17th January, Tuesday to 20th January, Friday 2023. With this, the 4 International Hot Air Ballooning & Boat Racing festival’s logos were unveiled by the UP-Tourism department.

Joint Director of Tourism Priti Srivastava provided additional information regarding the logo, revealing that it reads “Kashi balloon & boat festival” and that the department will use blimps, inflated balloons, & floating cylinders to brand the events.

Hot Air Balloon and Boat Racing Festival Varanasi Attractions:

This festival focusing on beautiful Hot Air Ballooning and thrilling Boat Races will be one of the most exciting fests happening in Uttar Pradesh this season. Let’s find out more about these major attractions below:

The Hot Air Ballooning:

The Hot Air Ballooning Fest, which is scheduled to take place from January 17 to 20, will include morning flights, tethered flights, and night glows for the tourists’ enjoyment. The hot air balloon launch and potential landing areas have also been decided upon, the tourism director continued. In addition, she mentioned that paramotor activities would be planned during the festival.

The tourist administration has enlisted organizations from five nations, along with the United States, Japan, and Canada, to organize the hot air balloon festival. Pilots from 5 countries and from 12 different regions of India will work together to make this event a success, said Joint Director of Tourism Priti Srivastava.

At Ramnagar’s Central Hindu Boys School and the grounds of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), the balloons will launch and land. The cost of the balloon ride has not yet been announced per participant. But, I n 2021, the charge per individual was INR 500.

Varanasi fest

The tourism ministry is holding a Hot Air balloon fest in Varanasi for the second time. 8 pilots from other countries & 6 from India participated in the event in 2021.

When In Varanasi: Things You Must Do!When In Varanasi: Things You Must Do!

The Boat Race:

The main event will be the boat races, for which the local boatmen, many of whom are from the Mahi Community, have been grouped into 12 teams which have been given the following names:

  • Gangaputra
  • Navik Sena
  • Kashi Lahiri
  • Jal Yodhas
  • Kashi Keepers
  • Ganga Lahiri
  • Nauka Riders
  • Jal Sena
  • Ganga Vahini
  • Bhagirathi Sevaks
  • Haumukh Giants and
  • Ghat Keepers

The race would be held in an area covering more than 3 kilometers, extending from Dashashmedh Ghat to Raj Ghat & including Kashi Vishwanath Dham, Mehta Ghat, & Panch Ganga Ghat, according to Srivastava.

To give the festival a professional feel, the tourism board also enlisted the help of specialists from neighboring states where boat racing is a popular sport.

Hot Air Balloon and Boat Racing Festival Venue:

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Hot Air Balloon and Boat Racing Festival Varanasi Dates:

17th January, Tuesday to 20th January, Friday 2023

Varanasi fest

How to reach Hot Air Balloon and Boat Racing Festival Varanasi:

By Air: The Varanasi airport has good connections to some of India’s largest cities, including Delhi and Mumbai. The Delhi airport, which is well connected to all of the world’s main cities, is where international travelers may catch connecting flights.

By Road: A sizable road system links Varanasi to important cities in Uttar Pradesh. From surrounding cities like Kanpur, Allahabad, and Alipur, you can drive down to Varanasi or take a private vehicle or cab.

There are buses operated by both the government and private companies (AC Also) that travel to Varanasi from adjacent cities.

By Train: Major Indian cities are rail-connected to the Varanasi railway station. Tourists can rent a taxi or cab to reach the festival from the train station.


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