All About The First Ever “Purple Fest” In Goa 2023


What is Purple Fest Goa and why it is trending? You will get to know all about the great and the most unique Purple fest in this article. Read on and gear up because this will definitely make you excited as this fest is going to be wow!

We all know Goa is one place in India that is a dream of every youngster. But why? Goa has something magical for sure in it, and that is why people always want to visit Goa for its exotic beaches, thrilling nightlife, amazing greenery, world-class resorts, and what not.

But ever wondered, if anyone who is Differently Abled, how they can enjoy and what are the ways for them to be in Goa so that they can have maximum fun? To make everyone feel equal and included in society, the Goa State Commission for Persons with Disabilities, in association with the Goa Directorate of Social Welfare & Entertainment Society, will hold the first-ever inclusive festival, “Purple Fest” to celebrate diversity.

The inclusive event, which will last for three days, aims to show how individuals may work together to help and make everybody in our society feel included. This platform is a great chance to show how disabilities are not obstacles.

Additionally, the administration is working to make certain beaches and strategic locations accessible to divyangs. The festival has received thousands of entries, and delegates from all around the nation are expected to attend and take part in this significant festival.

Purple Fest Goa

Purple Fest Goa Venue and Dates:

The amazing Purple fest will be held in SAG Stadium Campal, Panaji and Goa will host this festival from 6th January to 8th January 2023 for three days.

Purple Fest Goa Attractions:

The Purple Fest will feature a variety of exciting live performances, including stand-up comedy, fun dance shows, & music events, among many other engaging and fun activities.

Also, It will feature live performances, sporting events, grand exhibitions, immersive experience zones, & an innovation mela along with exciting competitions, a mega car rally, accessible movie screenings, & discussions on vital subjects like inclusive education, tourism, employment, & independent living.

Some of the tracks of Purple fest 2023 are mentioned below:

1) Purple Think Tank:

The Purple think tank will have an insightful number of presentations and conversations will be held on inclusive employment and education for those with impairments.

2) Purple Fun:

During purple fun, there will be a variety of enjoyable activities included, including a blind car rally, bird watching, and visits to popular tourist attractions including beaches, temples, and churches.

3) Purple Experience Zone:

You can engage in immersive activities that have been created to simulate managing life with a disability. This zone includes everything, from difficult barriers to advantageous developments.

4) Purple Exhibition:

The exhibition area will feature a variety of vendors with the newest assistive technology, products manufactured by people with disabilities, live art camps, and other entertaining activities.

5) Purple Rain:

Several breathtaking live performances by well-known artists, including stand-up comedy shows, dance performances, and music concerts will be here in Purple rain.

Purple Fest Goa

Purple Fest Goa registration prices per person:

  • Registration for Delegates- INR 1000.
  • Group registrations (for more than ten delegates)- INR 500.
  • Registration for Exhibitors- INR 2500.
  • Please note Registration for Goan delegates and Students with disabilities is Free.

Purple Fest Goa Registration:

The last date of registration for Purple Fest Goa is 20th December 2022. Please visit the official website for further details and registrations.

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