Airtel ‘World Pass’: Get Rid of International Roaming


International travel completely stopped due to COVID-19 and that was pretty bad for the whole tourism industry and its verticals which also include telecom companies as people travelling abroad do purchase international roaming and travel cards of such sorts.

But now, the world is changing and this year the travel industry has seen massive growth again in international travel with countries lifting travel restrictions slowly and gradually. In such a scenario, to ease the international roaming thing for all the international traveller from India, Bharti Airtel Limited launched its “World Pass”.

What is Airtel’s World Pass?

The Airtel World Pass is designed exclusively for international tourists to give them an extraordinary experience while travelling abroad. The Airtel World Pass is a one-stop shop for all your travel requirements regarding your telephonic communications with your close ones when you are away from home in another country.

It can be referred to as a collection of internal roaming plans for post-paid and prepaid connections that work in 184 different countries. The seamless operation of Airtel World Pass across 184 countries transforms the experience of all international travel. Both prepaid and postpaid customers of Airtel can purchase World Pass Plans.

While on international roaming, users can additionally benefit from Data Add-on & Voice Add-on top-ups. The Airtel Thanks App also allows users to track their data, voice, and SMS usage which again makes it pretty much user-friendly and easy to understand without confusion.

In-depth customer research revealed that many consumers found foreign roaming packs generally confusing throughout the entire global telecom market, and Airtel claims that this is why the pack was developed.

According to Bharti Airtel Direct Consumer Business Shashwat Sharma, “this offers the consumers one pack for the globe, much greater value, allows them to control what they use on the app, & also allows for emergency data usage long after the pack allowance has expired.

Before the introduction of “World Pass,” Airtel offered various international roaming packs for various nations. However, with the advent of this service, Airtel customers can feel secure that their roaming needs will be met, whether they are in transit at an airport or travelling to two or more nations.

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Cost of Airtel World Pass:

Airtels World Pass

The ‘Airtel World Pass’ data pack is available for both postpaid and prepaid customers starting at Rs 649 for a single day’s validity with unlimited data (500MB high speed) & 100 minutes of local calling (India). The price range does, however, go to Rs 14,999 for unlimited internet (15GB high-speed) and 3,000 minutes of talking with a 365-day validity (postpaid).

According to the company’s website, basic data rates in the nations covered by “World Pass” have been reduced to Rs 1.5 per megabyte (MB), or INR 1,536 per GB, in 119 countries, including the US, UK, Nepal, China, Russia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc., and to INR 3 per MB, that is INR 3,072 per GB, in 65 countries, including South Africa, Mauritius, the Maldives, Mali, Egypt, etc. The revised tariffs reflect a 99% drop in international roaming (IR) basic data rates.

What are the benefits of Airtel World Pass:

1) Multiple international roaming plans are available through Airtel World Pass and are functional in 184 nations.

2) The pack includes free 24-hour contact centre help for users from anywhere in the world with a new dedicated number, 99100-99100, which can be used for both calls and WhatsApp.

3) For individuals who want to remain longer in specific locations, Airtel World Pass also offers long-term plans with up to a year of validity.

4) The fact that these plans also provide limitless data with a data cap is one of the main advantages of this newly launched World Pass.

5) The Airtel Thanks app will allow users to manage their World Pass plans, which includes updates on usage, payment information, and the addition of more data or minutes as needed.

6) A user won’t need to activate numerous plans to utilize the services, even if they are travelling to multiple nations or their aircraft makes several stops in other nations.

7) These plans have a data cap of up to 15GB; nevertheless, even when the high-speed data is used up, customers can still utilise messaging services or instant messaging apps as needed without paying additional fees or worrying about data usage.

What kind of plans Airtel World Pass has?

Airtels World Pass

Both prepaid & postpaid customers of Airtel can purchase World Pass Packs. While using international roaming, users can benefit from Data Add-ons and Voice Add-on top-ups.

Let’s say a prepaid consumer purchases an additional pack while they are in international roaming with an active pack. The user will then be able to take advantage of the accretive features of both packs. The benefits related to data, voice, SMS, and validity are complementary. Customers can therefore take use of both packs’ advantages.

How Airtel World Pass works:

All users, whether prepaid or postpaid, need to do is choose a World Pass based on their requirements. 184 nations, grouped into two groups, are eligible for the benefits (Set 1 & Set 2). Sets 1 and 2 of International Roaming plans are valid between these countries, however, the advantages might be different for both sets of countries.

119 countries make up Set 1 and 65 countries make up Set 2. So, 184 nations will be accessible to you with an Airtel World Pass. Therefore, a single World Pack offers advantages for both Set 1 & Set 2 Countries. Customers can choose a plan for their brief trip as well as one for a stay of up to 1 year on both prepaid & postpaid plans.

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A brief About Bharti Airtel Limited:

With its headquarters in India, Airtel is a leading global provider of communications services with more than 500 million consumers in 17 countries in South Asia and Africa. With more than two billion people covered by its networks, the organization is one of the top 3 mobile providers worldwide. Airtel is the second-biggest mobile operator in Africa and the leading integrated telecommunications solutions provider in India.


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