7 Days Itinerary To Celebrate Valentine’s Week At A Cost Of A Pizza


The love season has begun and we have good news for all the love birds out there that, it is not necessary to go on a trip or to spend lakhs to prove your love. You can spend Valentine’s Day or the whole Valentine’s week by just being together and roaming around your own city.

In this article, we have created 7 days itinerary for you to celebrate Valentine’s week with your love and spend more time with them at a cost of pizza, we mean it. Keep reading if you want to spend the whole week of Valentine’s making your love feel special.

1) Rose Day- Visit The Most Beautiful Garden In Your City

Spend an evening in the most famous garden of your city enjoying a sunset and lake view. End your day with a beautiful bunch of flowers and let them know you will always enlighten their life just a like these flowers which enlighten the garden and complete its beauty.

You can also start your day by cycling or enjoying a morning walk or jogging together to welcome the week of love and then have a beautiful breakfast nearby. Later you can continue with your work or daily life responsibilities.

2) Propose Day- Get Yourself Clicked At Historic Sites

To show your love that will last till eternity and you are ready to explore this together and stay strong and supportive in every season, take them to any of the historic sites in your city and click Instagram-worthy pictures, and put a promising caption. If you want, you can propose to them here or ask them to be your Valentine.

Valentine Itinerary

3) Chocolate Day- Do Café or Bakery Hopping For Sweet Cravings

Explore the eateries near you and try desserts made out of chocolate and any unique blend you can find nearby your reach. Trying out street foods which are famous for their sweets in your city will be a good option for this day to make this day sweeter. And if your partner has sweet tooth, you both will enjoy this day a lot.

If Your Partner Loves Travelling, Here is What You Can DoIf Your Partner Loves Travelling, Here is What You Can Do

4) Teddy day- Plan For A Amusement Park Day Out

It is not always necessary to end up in a top shop when it’s teddy day. Let’s break the stereotype and do something different that you both will enjoy rather than just gifting a teddy to your girl as I assume there is hardly any guy who will love a teddy as a gift. So, make this day special for both, and enjoy rides and feel the thrill together.

5) Promise Day- Go Trekking, Cycling, Biking Etc.

To promise each other to be together in every adventure, make this day for some nice and fun adventure activities like trekking, cycling, etc. Show them that you are together with them in every adventure of life.

6) Hug day- Go on a Coffee Date

Find the best coffee house in your city and invite them on a coffee date. If you both are coffee lovers, go café hopping to find the best coffee shop with soft music playing in the background. End your day by giving each other a warm hug as your coffee and show them you care.

Valentine Itinerary

7) Kiss Day- Choose Camping And Stargazing

If you and your partner both love nature, star gazing, camping, and bonfire and are ready to explore such kinds of activity, this day is perfect for it. Research a bit, whether you live near mountains or beaches, there will be a place perfect for camping. You can also go with the camping companies, so you don’t have to plan anything separately and it can be booked last minute.

8) Valentine’s day- Plan A Perfect Dinner and Surprise Your Love

Though every season is a season of love, every day is the day of love, but after all the time you have spent together during this valentine’s week, conclude your day of love with your partner in a nice dinner setting. Choose a restaurant in your city, which provides a romantic environment, maybe some live music and good food with a rooftop sitting.
Did you ask them yet to be your Valentine?


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