3 New Tourist Attractions for Visitors at Statue of Unity; Here is the List


The Statue of Unity is the highest statue in the world at 597 feet (182 m). This renowned building pays tribute to the great Indian politician Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and is situated in Kevadiya, Gujarat, which is known for its breathtakingly green surroundings.

Most people believed the Statue of Unity was just a statue when it was first unveiled four years ago (in October 2018). PM Modi, however, had more ambitious goals and a wider vision. He wanted to turn it into a major tourist destination with attractions for people of all ages. As a result, the Statue of Unity has received more than eight million visitors. New attractions that have just opened up nearby will likely increase local tourism and further excite visitors.

Statue of Unity

Here is the List of 3 New Tourist Attractions for Visitors at the Statue of Unity:

1) The Maze Garden:

The Maze Garden is the largest maze garden in India and spans 3 acres of land with a total of 2,100 meters of track. The garden was planned to resemble a Shriyantra. The tourists’ minds, bodies, and senses will be tested as they wind through the confusing lanes of this garden, but they will feel triumphant as they overcome each obstacle, and this exercise will also develop a sense of adventure. A total of 1.8 lakh saplings have also been planted all over the garden, covering it with an incredible amount of greenery.

2) The Miyawaki Forest:

The method invented by the Japanese botanist & ecologist Dr. Akira Miyawaki inspired the naming of this forest. Using this technique, plant growth is ten times faster, leading to 30 times denser forest development. A forest can be produced using the Miyawaki method in just two to three years as opposed to at least 20 to 30 years using the conventional method. The Miyawaki Forest will include spaces such as a native floral garden, a fruit garden, a timber garden, a medicinal garden, a unique Miyawaki section with mixed species, & ultimately a digital orientation centre.

Statue of Unity

3) Ekta Houseboat:

Another attraction that will provide the first such housing service in the region is Ekta Houseboat. The 90-foot-long & 20-foot-wide houseboat, a stunning fusion of Gujarati and Kashmiri art & culture, has furnished bedrooms, a kitchen, a drawing room, a dining room, an observation deck on the upper deck, and a front porch. The tourist experience will probably be improved by this location.

At The Statue of Unity, other popular tourist attractions include:

  • Tent City
  • Arogya Van (herbal Garden)
  • Cactus Garden
  • Vishwa Van
  • Butterfly Garden
  • The Valley of Flowers (Bharat Van)
  • Children’s Nutrition Park
  • Unity glow garden
  • Jungle Safari


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