2023: Long Weekend Holiday list for all Wanderers! Have a Look


We have listed the important holidays for the year 2023. These are the best holidays to plan your trips. We have also provided information about how long these holidays last and what days they will be. Getting a long weekend multiple times a year makes it all worth it and gives you little but pure happiness.

Getting a long weekend makes it exciting. It’s time to get out of town and enjoy the sunshine! Get out of your daily hustle bustle and experience something new and feed your wanderer soul. Plan a weekend hike, go camping or just relax in nature and soak up some Vitamin D. Don’t forget to pack your camera! Let’s go month by month, where the calendar has long weekends of happiness for you.

Here is the list of Long Weekends In 2023 in India to plan a trip:

Long Weekends in January 2023:


31st December 2022, Saturday- New year’s eve.

1st January 2023, Sunday- happy new year!

Take a day off either on 30th December 2022, Friday or 2nd January, Monday to stretch it to a more long weekend for a perfect trip of 3-4days with friends and family.

Here is the list of the best offbeat destinations in North India, have a look!Here is the list of the best offbeat destinations in North India, have a look!


14th January, Saturday- Lohri/Makarsankranti

15th January, Sunday- Pongal

You can definitely take a day off on 13th January, Friday, try a little hard to get that off get some Vitamin D, and go explore. It’s easy to take an off on Friday rather than Monday.


26th January, Thursday- Republic day 2023

28th January, Saturday

29th January, Sunday

Easy peasy boo! Apply for your 27th January, Friday leave now to enjoy straight 4 days (26, 27,28,29 )and plan a big trip with your friends who are waiting for so long for you to get free from your work and chill for a bit from your usual busy life without any workload.

Long Weekends in February 2023:

18th February, Saturday- Maha Shivratri

19th February, Sunday

Explore the shiva temples in India during Shivratri. Make it possible to get 3 to 4 days to leave by taking an off either on 17th February, Friday, or 20th February, Monday, or if you get lucky try for both. Good luck.

Long Weekends In 2023

Long Weekends in March 2023:

8th March, Wednesday- Holi

11th March, Saturday

12th March, Sunday

This is the best opportunity till now to get 5 days off and travel to the other side of the country. Try getting off on the 9th & 10th of March which is Thursday and Friday. Make it happen. Explore the offbeat destinations and wake up your inner traveler.

Long Weekends in April 2023:

4th April, Tuesday- Mahavir Jayanti

7th April, Friday- Good Friday

8th April, Saturday

9th April, Sunday

By any chance, you are wishing that you can get a six-day long weekend. Keep wishing because your wish has been granted. Here is the perfect chance to get 6 days off in April 2023. Apply for a 2-day leave 5th and 6th of April which is Wednesday & Thursday. 2-day leave will get you 6 days’ holiday. It’s a win-win deal. Go for it wanderers and travel to your dream destination.

Long Weekends in May 2023:

5th May, Friday- Buddha Purnima

6th May, Saturday

7th May, Sunday

A simple short and automatic 3 days off. Encourage yourself to go on a weekend gateway with family or friends. You can also try going on a trek or Hike nearby. Utilize these straight 3 days off and rejuvenate yourself with the natural beauty around.

Long Weekends in June 2023:

17th June, Saturday

18th June, Sunday

19th June, Monday

20th June, Tuesday- Rath Yatra (Optional Holiday)

Rath Yatra is an Odia festival, majorly celebrated in the eastern states of India including Odisha, west Bengal, and Jharkhand. If you have a fixed holiday on that day, you can get apply for just 1 leave on Monday, 19th June and get 4 days’ leave. If it’s optional holiday use it wisely.

Long Weekends in June/ July 2023:

29th June, Thursday- Bakri Eid

1st July, Saturday

2nd July, Sunday

Apply for leave for 30th June, Friday and in return get 4 days off. Grab this opportunity now for a guaranteed long weekend and visit the monsoon places in India.

Long Weekends in August 2023:


12th August, Saturday

13th August, Sunday

15th August, Tuesday- Independence Day 2023

16th August, Wednesday- Parsi New Year (Optional Holiday)

One day’s leave can gift you 5 days’ vacation. Just apply for a leave on 14th August, Monday. A 5-day weekend gateway is a good option with your close ones. Depart on Friday night and enjoy your holiday till Wednesday evening. Even if there is no holiday you can take on the 16th, Wednesday, still, 4 days’ leave is in your hand.


26th August, Saturday

27th August, Sunday

29th August, Tuesday- Onam (Optional Holiday)

30th August, Wednesday- Raksha Bandhan (Optional Holiday)

Again, this a big opportunity for a 5-day long weekend, see how things work in your company, and plan a destination accordingly to explore, maybe this time with office besties.

Long Weekends in September 2023:


7th September, Thursday- Janmashtami (Optional Holiday)

9th September, Saturday

10th September, Sunday

If you take that optional holiday, apply for leave on 8th September, Friday and go explore the best places to visit in September in India.


16th September, Saturday

17th September, Sunday

19th September, Tuesday- Ganesh Chaturthi (Optional Holiday)

We know, Mondays are tough to get leaves, but if you try you can earn a 4 days holiday.

Long Weekends In 2023

Long Weekends in September/ October 2023:


30th September, Saturday

1st October, Sunday

2nd October, Monday- Gandhi Jayanti

Without applying for any leave, you get these 3 days straight off. Just a lucky long weekend it will be. Plan a 3-day weekend gateway and enjoy your time when winter is about to start.


21st October, Saturday

22nd October, Sunday

24th October, Tuesday- Dussehra

We know it’s difficult, but taking leave on Monday might give you a super long weekend as you already have Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday off.

Long Weekends in November 2023:


11th November, Saturday

12th November, Sunday- Diwali

13th November, Monday- Govardhan Puja (Optional Holiday)

The biggest festival of the year falls on Sunday, but don’t be sad about it. You still have a chance to enjoy a long weekend if you apply for leave on 10th November, Friday or take that optional holiday on Monday if your office provides it. Go for a nice Diwali Vacation with your family and spend some quality time with them.


25th November, Saturday

26th November, Sunday

27th November, Monday- Guru Nanak Jayanti

Again, it is a straight, 3 days long weekend to hold up tight and get ready for your new year or Thanksgiving. Celebrate this year’s end with your close friends and map some new routes.

Long Weekends in December 2023:

23rd December, Saturday

24th December, Sunday

25th December, Monday- Merry Christmas!

Welcome the new year and celebrate your Christmas with the last long weekend of the year remember all the long weekends when you have been on a trip and explored a new region in India taking advantage of all the long weekends you have got.


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