Winter Wonderland: Klook’s Coolest Cold-Weather Activities

As winter spreads its icy embrace across the world, there’s no need to hibernate indoors. Instead, venture into a winter wonderland with Klook’s curated selection of cold-weather activities. Whether you’re seeking snowy adventures or cozy indoor experiences, Klook has you covered. In this guide, we’ll unwrap the magic of winter with Klook’s coolest offerings, ensuring you make the most of the chilly season.

1. Alpine Skiing Adventures

Experience the thrill of gliding down snow-covered slopes with Klook’s Alpine Skiing Adventures. Choose from a selection of renowned ski resorts nestled in picturesque mountain settings. The package includes a full-day ski pass, ensuring access to slopes suitable for everyone, from beginners to seasoned skiers. The added bonus of ski equipment rental makes it a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on carving your way through the stunning winter landscapes.

Package Price: $150 per person

Includes: Full-day ski pass, ski equipment rental, and access to beginner to advanced slopes.

2. Northern Lights Chasing

Embark on a magical journey to witness the celestial dance of the Northern Lights with Klook’s Northern Lights Chasing experiences. Venture into the Arctic regions on a guided tour designed to optimize your chances of catching this breathtaking natural phenomenon. The package includes expert insights into the auroras, hot beverages to keep warm during the chilly night, and an unforgettable encounter with the mesmerizing lights of the polar skies.

Package Price: $120 per person

Includes: Guided Northern Lights tour, hot beverages, and expert insights on the auroras.

3. Winter Wonderland Photography Tours

For those who appreciate the art of photography, Klook offers Winter Wonderland Photography Tours. Join expert guides who will lead you to the most picturesque winter landscapes, providing valuable tips on capturing the essence of the season. After the tour, engage in a post-tour photo editing workshop to enhance your winter snapshots and create lasting memories.

Package Price: $80 per person

Includes: Guided photography tour, professional insights, and post-tour photo editing workshop.

4. Cozy Sleigh Rides

Experience the charm of a winter wonderland with Klook’s Cozy Sleigh Rides. Snuggle under warm blankets as horse-drawn sleighs glide through snow-covered landscapes, offering a delightful and serene way to appreciate the beauty of winter. The package includes a relaxing sleigh ride, hot beverages to keep you warm, and an atmosphere filled with festive cheer.

Package Price: $50 per person

Includes: Sleigh ride, hot beverages, and a festive atmosphere.

5. Winter Spa Retreats

Indulge in the ultimate winter escape with Klook’s Winter Spa Retreats. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of thermal spas or hot springs, surrounded by a serene winter setting. The package includes access to rejuvenating spa treatments, providing the perfect balance of relaxation and winter charm.

Package Price: $100 per person

Includes: Access to thermal spas or hot springs, spa treatments, and a tranquil winter setting.

6. Ice Skating Experiences

Embrace the classic winter activity of ice skating with Klook’s Ice Skating Experiences. Glide gracefully under open skies on meticulously maintained ice rinks, enjoying the crisp winter air. The package includes ice skate rental, granting you access to a festive atmosphere where you can create joyful winter memories.

Package Price: $20 per person

Includes: Ice skate rental, access to the ice rink, and a festive atmosphere.

7. Igloo Stays

For a truly unique winter experience, Klook offers Igloo Stays in select destinations. Spend a night under the stars in a cozy igloo, surrounded by the tranquility of a snowy landscape. The package includes a warm sleeping bag for a comfortable night’s sleep, breakfast with a breathtaking view, and the chance to wake up to a winter wonderland.

Package Price: $200 per night

Includes: Overnight stay in an igloo, warm sleeping bags, and breakfast with a view.

8. Festive Christmas Markets

Step into a world of festive enchantment with Klook’s Festive Christmas Markets experiences. Wander through twinkling stalls, savor seasonal treats, and shop for unique winter gifts. The package includes free entry to the Christmas markets, allowing you to soak in the festive atmosphere, enjoy live performances, and indulge in the delights of the season.

Package Price: Free entry; additional costs for purchases

Includes: Access to Christmas markets, festive performances, and a variety of winter delights.


Winter beckons with its own kind of magic, and Klook’s Coolest Cold-Weather Activities open the door to unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re seeking adventure on snowy slopes, chasing the Northern Lights, or indulging in cozy winter spa retreats, Klook ensures that your winter journey is filled with joy, wonder, and the beauty of the season. So, bundle up, embrace the chill, and let Klook be your guide to creating extraordinary winter memories. Happy winter wandering!