Qatar Opens Its Doors: Pre-Arrival COVID Test Requirement Dropped

Qatar has recently made a significant update to its travel protocols, much to the delight of travelers worldwide. In a remarkable development, the Qatari government has officially announced the removal of the pre-arrival COVID test requirement. This game-changing decision comes as a welcome relief for those planning to visit this captivating country. In this article, we will delve into the details of Qatar’s updated travel guidelines, highlighting the implications for travelers and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. So, get ready to pack your bags and experience Qatar’s wonders without the hassle of pre-arrival testing.

The World Cup Impact

Important travel-related relief has been announced by Qatar for visitors & football fans. In a recent statement, the Gulf state said that overseas tourists will no longer need to take a COVID test before entering the country. According to sources, barely weeks before the start of the international football showcase on November 20, Qatar will discontinue the pre-arrival testing steps on November 1, 2022.

In accordance with a statement, visitors to Qatar no longer needed to show a negative COVID-19 PCR/ Rapid Antigen Test result. The Health Ministry also said that Qataris will no longer be required to perform a PCR or quick antigen test within 24 hours after returning from overseas. The 29-day competition will be the first significant international athletic event with spectators since the COVID-19 pandemic.


A negative PCR test report from within the last 48 hours or a fast antigen test from within the last 24 hours was previously required for passengers over the age of six travelling to Qatar. The test result was previously required to be submitted at the airport check-in counter and now as per the reports, the nation has dropped the requirement to pre-register on the Ehteraz health application before arrival along with no negative COVID-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen Test result before flying to Qatar.

Current Travel rules:

1) All tourists arriving in Qatar will now be required to have a Hayya card as of November 1 as a result of the new regulation, which has been made a necessity for all visitors.

2) All visitor permits have been banned by Qatar due to the massive inflow of visitors expected for the FIFA World Cup there, and this suspension will last until December 23, 2022.

3) Those travelling to Qatar during this time must apply for a Hayya Card, a type of fan identification that allows entry into the nation when the tournament is taking place.


4) Visitors who do not want to watch the FIFA World Cup game will also need a Hayya Card.

5) Unvaccinated guests will have to wear a mask for ten days following their arrival.

6) Those who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate for five days.

Please note: it is advisable to check the travel rules officially before you plan to Travel to Qatar.


In a groundbreaking move, Qatar has just dropped the pre-arrival COVID test requirement, unlocking new possibilities for travelers eager to explore this enchanting destination. This updated travel protocol not only streamlines the entry process but also reflects Qatar’s commitment to ensuring a safe yet seamless experience for visitors. Now, visitors can embrace the rich cultural heritage, marvel at the architectural wonders, and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Qatar without the burden of additional testing. As the world adapts to changing circumstances, Qatar’s progressive decision paves the way for a more accessible and enjoyable travel experience. So, seize this opportunity and embark on your journey to Qatar, where unforgettable memories await. The welcome mat is out, and Qatar eagerly awaits your arrival.

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