Only Airline In The World Which Will Have Bunk Beds For Economy Class


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When we are traveling in Economy class, we often feel or wish to just lie down, but then we realize it’s economy class. But Air New Zealand understands this feeling very well and is going to launch bunk beds in Economy class soon.

After this, New Zealand Airlines will become the world’s first airline to introduce bunk beds in Economy class. Air New Zealand named it the “Skynest” which will be the world’s first sleeping pod in the sky. The “sleep pods” will transform plane travel for individuals taking the economy class.

The most special thing about Skynest is this is for economy class and which seems like a dream for budget travelers. As per sources, Air New Zealand is planning to launch it next September and there will be 6 bunks for economy-class travelers. For lengthy routes like Auckland-Chicago and the upcoming Auckland-New York JFK route, bunks will be available.

To facilitate long-distance travel between the region & the east coast of the United States of America and Europe, the introduction of sleeping pods in airlines is being put into action. Additionally, this will encourage tourists to purchase their tickets and increase tourism in the areas.

Air Bunk Beds

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According to reports, this is a part of the transformation of its wide-body aircraft and its new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. Even though the luxury is modest, it has a significant impact on passengers who look for even a little comfort.

Do you know where this idea comes from? An Air New Zealand representative remarked, that when they performed research or surveys, they came to know that “sleeping while on board is the most essential thing for the best customer experience.”

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Benefits of these Bunk beds:

  • These sleeping pods, now known as Skynest, are designed in such a way that you will feel well-rested.
  • Bunk beds have the major advantage of allowing travelers to rest and sleep, which is crucial for individuals traveling on long journeys.
  • Additionally, for passengers traveling alone, the bunk beds offer an extra level of privacy.
  • The bunk beds also have the advantage of being adjustable, allowing travelers to set the backrest at a comfortable angle.
Air Bunk Beds

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Bunk bed details:

These pods will measure two feet in width and 6.5 feet in length. Basic conveniences like a private curtain, USB ports, and ventilation outlets will be provided in these pods. A mattress & sheets will be provided by the airline which the airline staff will change and make tidy after every booking.

Passengers can book 1 sleep pod for a maximum duration of 4 hours though the charges for the same have not been revealed yet by the Airlines in any official statement. In order to allow passengers to stretch their legs, get a snack, and recharge whenever they choose during their flight, the airline has also installed a Sky Pantry for the Premium Economy & Economy seats.

The airline first offered beds for travelers in the economy in 2020. They also launched the skycouch, which allowed families or travelers to order the unique footrest and turn it into a bed if they had either reserved a complete row of seats or had empty seats in economy class.

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