Now Get Your Thailand Visas From Consulate Or Embassy, Good News For Indians, Know Complete Details


To prevent long lines, the Thailand Embassy in India advises Indians to obtain their visas from the consulate or embassy. Long passenger lines are a result of an increase in visitors at the Bangkok airport as a result of Thailand’s recent opening of its borders to tourism.
The lengthy lines to clear immigration are the cause, and many individuals are also applying for on-arrival visas. Pattarat Hongtong, Thailand’s ambassador to India, recommended Indians on Sunday to obtain their visas from the embassy or consulate to avoid waiting in large lines at the Bangkok airport.

Further stating that it is completely normal for any airport, not only those in Thailand, the Thai Ambassador. He continued by saying that no one could predict the precise number of incoming travelers or tourists, which is why they advise Indian travelers to obtain a visa from the Embassy or Consulate General before departing for Thailand to travel without difficulty.

Thai Visa

In order to make it easier for guests to travel, Pattarat also stated that the airport is hiring more staff. According to a survey from the Thai Government, 3.78 million tourists visited Thailand from January to August 17 of this year after COVID, which is a sizable amount to manage. Pattarat noted that Thailand has also instructed to boost the workforce at the airport to deal with the long lines of on-arrival visa applicants because Thailand’s economy is strongly dependent on tourism.

Mind-blowing facts about Thailand you should know now!Mind-blowing facts about Thailand you should know now!

Notably, Thailand has eliminated all of the COVID requirements for visitors, including vaccination records and test results. Long passenger lines are now a result of an increase in travelers since that time at Bangkok’s airport.

Thai Visa

About Thailand:

Thailand is one of the most popular and frequently traveled to nations by Indian tourists. Thailand is frequently referred to as the “Land of Smiles,” and it is proud of its stunning temples, endearing beaches, bustling marketplaces, thunderous mountains, exquisite islands, and rich cultural heritage, all of which are just waiting for you to explore. There are lovely cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Chaing Mai, etc. You shouldn’t skip seeing some of the islands while you’re here, including Phi Phil, Koh Samui, and Koh Pha Ngan.

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