Do You Know Indians Took Most International Trips In 2022 In Asia


A recent study shows that India saw a 190 % increase in outbound travel from the yoy, with over 10 million trips, exceeding the average global increase of 90%.

According to a recent report, India became Asia’s top source market for outbound tourists in 2022. The volume of outbound travel in 2018 exceeded pre-pandemic levels by more than half (55%) when 2022 and 2019 are compared.

According to a report by IPK International that was presented at ITB Berlin 2024, India’s outbound travel market in Asia outpaced those of China, South Korea, and Japan. India came in fifth place in 2019 after China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

India Outbound

Favourite Destinations:

Dubai was India’s preferred vacation spot in 2022, followed by the United States, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, & Singapore. The percentage of Indian tourists who traveled to Asia climbed from the previous year by more than 250%, to over 70 percent.

Based on traveler satisfaction, suggestions, and the desire to return to a destination, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, & Dubai were India’s top three travel destinations in 2022.

India is ranked as the 3rd most popular tourist destination in Asia, per the survey. Last year, the USA, UK, and UAE were the main source markets. According to the survey, Indian tourists would still be quite interested in taking travels overseas in 2023.

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The preferred vacation for outbound tourists from India is a roundtrip. Round-trip travel takes the top spot with a market share of over 30%, followed by city breaks at 26% and sun and beach vacations at about 20%. Roundtrips and sun & beach vacations notably benefited from the expansion of India’s outbound travel sector during the previous year and were able to boost their market share.

India Outbound


According to the study, Indian tourists spend an average of 235 € per person per night abroad. This included all expenses, including hotel stays, meals, and additional expenditures like shopping.

In 2022, an overseas trip typically lasted eight days, which was a modest improvement over both the year before the pandemic and the year before. More than 4 overnights were spent on most journeys. 40% of Indian outbound travel was made up of brief excursions lasting one to three nights.

The Indian market is unique in that a significant portion of reservations come via travel agencies. Their percentage, which is over 40%, is much higher than the norm for the world and remained stable during the epidemic.

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