Bavaria – Germany’s top Holiday Destination


Are you planning to travel to Bavaria this summer? Yes, then you are at the right plane now.

Bavaria, the area of south-eastern Germany bordering Austria and The Czech Republic. It is completely a fairy tale travel destination. Lovers of castles, culture, laid -back attitude and alluring nature will fall in love with Bavaria. Bavaria has a long and rich history.

The Free State of Bavaria (Freistatt) plays an important role in business and cultural life of both Germany and Europe. From the Alps to the Danube, Bavaria has a lot to offer. Bavaria is also the most popular German state among tourists.


Here is a list of top must see places in Bavaria –

Neuschwanstein Castle

The world famous Neuschwanstein castle has rather of a satirical story to share. The building was commissioned in the 19th Century by the so called “Mad” King Ludwig. But the King, who paid for the castle from his personal fortune, died before he could enjoy his grand marvel.

Since then, Schloss Neuschwanstein has become one of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions. Rising out of the Alpine forest near Fussen, its iconic towering turrets were the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.


It used to be the mountain retreat of senior members of the Nazi Party during the dark era of Germany’s Third Reich. Kehlsteinhaus is also known as the Eagles Nest. Sits gloriously on a sheer rock wall atop the summit of Kehlstein in the Bavarian Alps.

It was constructed during the Third Reich as a status symbol, where Hitler and his cronies gathered here to make plans for war and impress foreign dignitaries. Today, it’s a tourist site. Visitors can gain insight into some of the most important and diabolical events of the 20th Century.


Bavaria’s New Palace-Schloss Herrenchiemsee

Another of “Mad” King Ludwig’s fantastical creations-the beautiful Royal Palace of Herrenchiemsee, or the New Palace, was both the largest and last of his famous building projects.

Its history goes back to being inspired by the ornate Versailles, the palace was a tribute for France’s King Louis XIV, whom the Bavarian king admired during that time.

Deutsches Museum München

The German Museum Munich in Bavaria is a vast and interactive space with more than 30 exhibitions to explore. Whatever is your kick – ships, planes, computers, toys, astronomy or mining, there are over 28,000 objects on display including the first motorized aircraft built by the Wright brothers, the U1 submarine, and the first program-controlled computer (Conrad Zuse’s Z3). Cool isn’t it!?

Lantenhammer Distillery

near the picturesque town of Schliersee is Lantenhammer Distillery, less than 10min drive from Karma, Bavaria. Lantenhammer Distillery is a third generation family-run enterprise producing potent potables such as brandies, fruity liqueurs, and Bavarian Gin.

Lantenhammer Distillery

An afternoon spent sipping Bavaria’s best brandies in Karma Bavaria is such a bucket list things to do in Bavaria.

How to get there?

The nearest airport to Bavaria is Munich. Deutsche Bahn Regional operates a train from Flughafen München to Marienplatz every 15 minutes. Tickets cost around €6 – €10 and the journey takes 38 min.

Also, FlixBus operates a bus from Stuttgart Airport Busterminal to Munich central bus station every 30 minutes.


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