Air India Grooming Rules: Air India Released New Grooming Guidelines For All Its Crew Members


Air India has added new grooming guidelines for its flight attendants in addition to the ones already in place. Tata Group Air India has published a thorough list of grooming regulations under its new ownership. Both male and female crew members must adhere to the list’s grooming standards, which include prohibitions on pearl jewelry, low buns, clean shaves for men with bald patches, and the wearing of black or religious threads on the wrist, neck, or ankle.

Dos & don’ts for influencers on social media were also mentioned in the regulations. When they are not on duty, the crew shouldn’t wear the uniform and its accouterments. The prior grooming requirements cover topics like the conduct code (staff is not allowed to carry shopping bags or plastic bags in public), manners, personal hygiene, politeness, uniform-carrying fashion, etc.

Air India Grooming Rules

New standards for female crew members’ grooming:

1) Earrings made of pearl are prohibited. Earrings can only be simple gold or diamond-shaped.
2) Low buns & high top knots are prohibited hairstyles.
3) The use of just four black bobby pins is allowed.
4) It is acceptable to strictly adhere to the eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish, and hair color cards.
5) If a female crew member wants to wear it then, there can be one bangle with no design or stones.
6) The diameter of the rings in each hand should not exceed one centimeter.
7) If there is any grey hair then it can only be hidden using natural color.
8) No one is allowed to adorn their wrist, neck, or ankle with black or sacred thread.
9) Both sarees and Indo-western attire must be paired with sheer, skin-tone-coordinating, calf-length stockings for flight duties.
10) Bindis are not required but if any female crew member wants to wear them then they must be 0.5 cm.

Air India Grooming Rules

New standards for male crew members’ grooming:

1) Applying hair gel is mandatory for male crew members.
2) Male cabin crew should maintain their bald appearance by shaving it clean if they have profound receding hairlines or bald patches.
3) The male crew who appear to be completely bald are required to shave their heads every day.
4) Grey hair should be dyed in a natural shade if the male crew wants to opt for it.
5) Same as female crew members the wrist, neck, or ankle cannot be covered with black or religious thread.

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